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5 Best WWE Raw Moments 6/6/16

Raw came to us from Oklahoma City and I’m a little late in getting the best moments of the night published, so here it is without further delay…

5. Breezango Is Aerogigantic

I’m completely on board with Tyler Breeze & Fandango getting routine Zoolander-style segments. Prior to the Tyler Breeze vs. R-Truth match, the two were shown backstage partaking in some grooming fun. Tyler was shaving his partner’s back, because if you’ve already blended your entrance music then this is the next logical step.

When Fandango explained to Tyler that the lack of hair made him more “aerogigantic,” I died laughing. I learned a new word while watching Raw because aerogigantic apparently is when you “cut through the air like a giant arrow.” Fandango is brilliant.

Also, did Golden Truth already lose their Goldust-head karaoke intro? They’re getting the short end of the stick on this feud.

4. Those Roman/Rollins Videos

It’s baffling why WWE doesn’t do videos like these all the time because their documentary-style pieces are always so great. In the case of Roman, it’s one of the best ways to present him. He feels far more natural in these sit-down pre-recorded interviews – which might be the result of him not having to deal with a usually contentious crowd.

Another major positive from these videos is the fact that Seth and Roman got to save an in-ring interaction with each other. No physical encounters were necessary and nobody needed to get an upperhand on the other guy. This was truly a win-win for both wrestlers.

3. The Breakdown Of The Main Event

This is the one entry that I wrote on Tuesday and not after the show on Monday, so I needed help reminding myself why I liked it so much. Looking back at John Canton’s Raw Deal, I noticed that there was a Pele Kick by Styles to Big E followed by a boot from Gallows, Kofi hit an SOS on AJ, and Styles finished the match with his Phenomenal Forearm against Kingston. Oh yeah, those were a lot of fun moves back to back. The match itself was only about 6 minutes long but it felt longer to me when I watched it live. At least, it didn’t feel as short as it apparently was.

There was more battling post-match and Cena came out to aid New Day in their battle. I like the heel side of Styles, which he’s fully embraced in WWE as of a week ago. Gallows & Anderson come across as much more of a real threat when they’re aligned with their Club leader, too. Cena vs. Styles has so much potential for the next couple of months and this was a fine step in the story.

2. Big Cass Snapped

I was initially at a crossroads at picking which moment in the closing of the Enzo & Cass vs. Vaudevillains was truly the standout of the segment, but I knew I liked it all. I really was digging the ruthlessness of Aiden English when he went for the exact same throw into the ropes on Enzo Amore that gave him a concussion in the first place. However, as great as his barbarism was here, it was Colin Cassady’s revenge that was the eye opener.

Big Cass showed a bit of a mean streak, wailing away at Aiden for what he tried to do to his buddy. The ref stopped the match, which makes the seven footer so much cooler. Cass then gave a monstrous boot to Simon Gotch. There wasn’t much of a match at all here but it was a solid way to showcase the big guy.

1. “Guys Like You Bury Guys Like Me”

There’s something about a promo that feels like it’s touching on so many ‘real’ issues – and that’s what John Cena & AJ Styles did here. AJ seemed to have the best lines, like when he took jabs at Cena’s movie career, talking about how great only his cameos are (and not his starring roles). He also told John that his two buddies were there to help him out because he knows what happens to guys who face John Cena and lose. It was at that point that he dropped the burial remark, which was a fantastic line.

There would’ve been a fight afterward but New Day came out to make the save. I’ve got to say, I like John’s backup better than Roman Reign’s. Money in the Bank is less than 2 weeks away and this matchup is quickly garnering more and more of that big fight feel.

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5 Best Moments From Raw 5/30/16: AJ Styles Goes Heel

Money Night Raw came to us from Green Bay, Wisconsin this week. We’ve still got some time before Money in the Bank and there’s a looming brand split that should shake things up pretty soon. The show started out pretty weak tonight but found some high spots as things progressed.

The intro is pretty brief this time around so let’s dive right into the best moments from Raw…

5. Enzo & Cass Woke The Crowd Up

The show was really slow for a long while. Like, pretty boring. My initial thought was that Green Bay was a weak crowd but considering the show kicked off with a Shane vs. Stephanie dance off I don’t think they were the culprits. WWE did not bring their A game for a good bit of this show. Then, Enzo & Cass’ music hit and they saved the day.

It’s a strong positive in this tag team’s favor that the one catchphrase that everyone loves to chant along with Enzo is at least 30 seconds long. This Raw crowd must’ve been so excited to have a reason to react big to something and that’s what Enzo especially was for them. He and Big Cass went on to face the Dudleyz whom they easily defeated. Not that that’s a huge deal or anything because literally everyone beats The Dudleyz these days. If The Golden Truth get really bummed about being winless right now then they should challenge Bubba Ray and D-Von to a match.

4. Owens & Jericho Should Get A Sitcom

The backstage conversation between Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Alberto Del Rio was hilarious because of the childish bickering between KO and Y2J. Jericho told both men about how he had problems with them to which Owens confusedly retorted that he actually thought they had a good thing going. Then, when Chris was talking to Alberto he subtly dropped the word “moi” into his conversation. Without a beat, he remarked to his French-Canadian partner this quip…

Jericho: That’s French.
Owens: I know.

The delivery was quick, it was perfect. Before they went out for their tag match Chris offered this stern warning to his cohorts for the night…

Jericho: You Better Watch It.
Owens: Watch What?Jericho: It.

This was all comedy at its best.

3. Trading Lots Of Big Moves

Raw was a pretty weak show from an in-ring standpoint but that main event got it together pretty well. Come to think of it, it was probably because all six of these guys were in this one match instead of being spread across two or three separate matches that prevented anything other than the main event from being above 3 stars.

Still there were plenty of signatures moves and finishers in the final two minutes or so to leave a solid final impression for those of us that try to make it through the entire 3 hours. Some of my favorite moves included when Chris Jericho actually saw Dean Ambrose’s rope rebound coming and gave him a Codebreaker when he shot back to him.

The finish was great as well. The final moves saw Kevin Owens going for a Popup Powerbomb on Sami Zayn, but he overshot it. Dean Ambrose then moved in quickly at that point to nail his Dirty Deeds for the win.

dirty deeds to Owens.gif

Also, Green Bay gave us the first every round of “Stupid Idiot” chants towards Chris Jericho which they should be commended for. It was beautiful.

2. John Cena Returned!

John Cena has been out for 5 months due to shoulder surgery and he’s been dearly missed. He came back on this episode of Raw wearing his Ellen shorts and gave a big pro-liberty speech that was tailor-made for this Memorial Day. While most of his speech was serious and patriotic, he did say that he will “not go quietly into the night” and then all I could think about from that moment on was the Bill Pullman speech from Independence Day. And that’s not a bad thing, no sir. Every good American loves the speech from Independence Day.

Cena is truly the superstar of the past decade and the show feels like such a bigger deal with him on it. Just showing up was more than enough to earn a spot on the best moments of this episode of Raw…but he wasn’t done yet. There was even bigger business to tend to and it happened when AJ Styles’ music hit during Cena’s welcome back party…

1. The Club United

I would’ve been just as happy if babyface AJ Styles was offering a friendly challenge to John Cena but Anderson & Gallows interrupted their congenial promo to aid AJ in a full-on heel turn. I was scratching my head initially because didn’t The Club part ways just a week ago? As AJ kept running back in for more and more chances to wail some punches into Cena’s face I realized that their “breakup” seven days ago never came to blows. It was all a ruse and it totally worked on me. I loved this.

The best image to come from this brand new feud is when Styles, Anderson, and Gallows all stood atop Cena, holding up their “Too Sweet” signs while John was lifeless. Cena vs. Styles is definitely one of those dream matchups that’s penciled in for AJ’s WWE run and I’m glad we’re getting it over the summer. If these guys are starting something that carries over to a post-brand split SmackDown then that should easily boost some ratings.


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5 Best WWE SmackDown Moments 5/12/16: Welcome To The Club

After a Raw that saw an obscenely expensive jacket get ripped to shreds by a man who has no business carrying a pair of scissors, SmackDown has arrived. While there wasn’t any further jacket destruction, Chris Jericho did introduce a new jacket that will likely play into a Pay-Per-View stipulation. That moment was one of the best of the night.

Moments that didn’t make the cut but were still notable included Big E getting scolded for repeated attempts at using risque speech, Lana throwing water into Kalisto’s face, and Bob Backlund being a crazy old guy who made Darren Young do 200 squats for using his phone to check the time. Old people are confused and senile and it’s hilarious!

This isn’t a comprehensive review of SmackDown but rather my thoughts on what the best moments of the night were. Assume this list is definitive and authoritative…or disagree. You have a right to your opinion.

5. The Golden Truth Sort Of Finally Forms

Is Breezedango an okay name for Tyler Breeze and Fandango? Or maybe we’ll call them The Beautiful Dance? How about Selfie Sticks and Hip Gyrations?  I’m not sure if Breeze and Fandango have officially formed a tag team together but they did join forces after they got fed up with the nonsense of the two guys that were their partners going into this match.

When R-Truth and Goldust found themselves to be the legal men on opposite sides of the ring, they refused to fight each other. They DO love each other! It was a beautiful moment in which the crowd briefly started a “Golden Truth” chant. The chants may have been piped in, but if that’s the case then please don’t message me or comment about it to set me straight. I want to live in a world that for at least a moment was happy that Truth and Goldust were finally coming together.

The moment didn’t last forever because as I already stated in the Breezedango paragraph above, they were attacked by their respective teammates. There will likely be a tag team match to settle the score and kick off The Golden Truth’s run in the near future. I’m hoping that The Forbidden Dance (nailed it!) will at least get an Extreme Rules pre-show match out of this. (Feel free to comment below with your own catchy tag team name suggestions for Tyler Breeze and Fandango below – even though it’d hard to top The Forbidden Dance.)

4. Playtime Is Over

Dana Brooke had her debut match on the main roster against Becky Lynch on SmackDown. It was notable because she scored a win over the superstar who competed for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32, but that’s not the moment I’m choosing to highlight. It was Dana’s promo prior to this big win that impressed me the most.

When interviewed alongside her pal Emma, Brooke explained why she chose to attack Becky from behind on Monday night. She talked about how Emma was at the forefront of the Women’s Division in NXT, but when Lynch came along, people focused on her instead. As she explained her actions while flexing her biceps (she is a bodybuilder, by the way), she seemed like an absolute natural on the microphone.

Brooke was always a standout talker in NXT. She’s proclaimed herself to be THE Total Diva in the past and has smugly patted those she disliked on the head. Watching this interview on SmackDown, it became clear to me that she might be the most talented female talker that WWE has. She’s so comfortable with her character, and it’s enjoyable to watch. She’s a natural.

3. Two Codebreakers In A Straitjacket

Are Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho building towards a straitjacket match at Extreme Rules? Judging by the opening of SmackDown, that seems to be the case. Some sort of unique stipulation should be expected but I can’t remember the last time I’ve watched that kind of match so why not?

Ambrose was in the middle of the ring, talking about his beef with Y2J when the arena went dark. Jericho’s music hit, yet nothing could be seen. It seemed like the prolonged pitch black was due to Chris’ fancy light up jacket getting destroyed on Raw, but he deviously chose to use the entrance as an opportunity to strike.

Jericho attacked his foe from behind. While Ambrose was loopy, Chris placed him inside of a straitjacket and then beat on him as he came to. Jericho gave him a Codebreaker before a team of refs came out to stop the attack, then gave another in the midst of the black and white stripes. Chris was ruthless as the two march on to a singles match at Extreme Rules.

2. The Club Levels The Usos

The only presence of WWE Champion Roman Reigns and his Extreme Rules challenger AJ Styles was during interview segments with their buddies before this tag team match. Both guys said they’d come out to assist if the either guy shows up, which surprisingly didn’t happen in this contest between Gallows & Anderson and The Usos.

What did happen was a DQ finish that led to a fun brawl on the outside. It felt a little wild and chaotic, something that I haven’t felt like these guys have yet been able to achieve without Roman or AJ involved. It was good that they could do that on their own.

Gallows & Anderson finally prevailed when they brought a steel chair into the mix. As both Jey and Jimmy were lying unconscious on the ground, Anderson sat on the chair while Gallows stood tall behind him. They both threw up their Too Sweet hand gestures in celebration.

1. The Miz Stands Tall

Next to the AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns feud, WWE’s current Intercontinental Championship division is the best thing going. Champion The Miz has Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn all vying for his belt and that’s a heck of a short list of challengers. On this night, a tag team match main evented with the guys split along heel/face lines.

Owens was the man to score the winning pinfall against Cesaro after he hit him with a Frog Splash, and that’s when the really fun stuff happened.The guys traded blows and specialty moves until Kevin was able to Popup Powerbomb Sami Zayn. The Miz, sneaky as he is, immediately came up behind Owens and dropped him with his Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz standing tall among his three fallen challengers is how the show went off the air, a visual that made me particularly happy. I love The Miz. This is such a great mix of wrestlers and this SmackDown main event continued to add fuel to everybody’s fire.


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