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Damien Sandow Is Massively Over, Fired Anyways

Damien Sandow has a unique gift of getting over with any group of people he’s put in front of, regardless of the ridiculous persona he’s portraying at the time. From an uppity aristocrat in a bathrobe to a stunt double who mimics the every action of the inflated ego of a Hollywood-actor, Sandow could win over anybody under any circumstances.

Well, almost anybody.

There has always been one niche market that has failed to connect with Sandow’s persona: his employer. Today, WWE has decided to part ways with the incredibly over wrestler…

The letting go of Sandow coincided with the releases of Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, Cameron, Alex Riley, El Torito, and Zeb Colter. WWE issued statements with the expected comment of “WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors.”

Surely Sandow can now be considered the hottest free agent on the market, right? Could Damien be now headed to the likes of New Japan, Lucha Underground, or TNA? Or will this release signal the end of the career of possibly the most underused talent in WWE history?


Del Rio Was Justified

by: Mitch Nickelson

The big wrestling news, highlighted by Mr. Jaxson on this very site yesterday, is that Alberto Del Rio (his real name is Al Rodriguez) was abruptly fired after a backstage altercation. The initial report was that Del Rio slapped someone in the social media department. He didn’t hit another actual wrestler. He didn’t hit Brock Lesnar or someone who’s a legit fighter that could hold their own. So, Alberto is obviously the bad guy in this situation, right?

A day later and we’re starting to have actual details to form our opinions on. Granted, these could still be rumors so it’s advised to take this info with a grain of salt. But here are some details and they don’t make Alberto look like quite so bad of a guy.

According to f4wonline.com

Based on sketchy stories and what wrestlers have been talking about, at catering, somebody asked the person to clean off his plate.  The person joked something along the lines of how that’s Del Rio’s job.  Del Rio found out and confronted him.  As the story goes, he  didn’t apologize and then smiled at him, and Del Rio slapped him.

Del Rio should have hit the guy twice. (Not really, but he’s still a tool.)

Seriously, this Social Media Manager basically says a racist comment about Del Rio behind his back and when he was confronted about it, he got all smug and refused to say sorry. I take the smiling comment to mean that the guy laughed in his face, which is probably what it felt like for Alberto.

The still-employed Social Media Manager, who doesn’t view it as wrong with stereotyping Hispanic people as the ‘hired help,’ didn’t see anything childish at all about these comments that were posted on WWE’s official twitter account today…

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions to think that the Social Media Manager, whomever he is, wrote these tweets. But if the ‘manager’ part of his name is a truthful title then they at least are a product of the department that he runs. It seems awfully childish to me that someone who’s vital to the PR of a publicly traded company would use their outlets to smear a man who simply was putting a racist in their place.

I realize I’m forming a very harsh opinion of a person that might truly be a victim. But with all of the info that’s coming out of the dirt sheets, weighed with the reactions that are being blasted from WWE’s social media, the victim/bully roles don’t seem so clear. Sure, violence is never the answer and Del Rio should have never hit the guy. But the man who received the slap is not so innocent. I don’t agree with Del Rio’s handling of the situation but I think his emotions that lead to it might be understandable.

WWE, want to end that H8 that you want none of? Want to be a star? Then get rid of the chumps in your company and not the ones who stand up to them.

That’s easily the harshest opinion piece I’ve ever written about pro-wrestling. Agree with me? Think I’m wrong? Comment below or send your love/hate to @MitchNickelson on twitter. Thanks for reading.

Alberto Del Rio Fired From WWE

by: Al N. Jaxson

Well here’s some sad news to your Thursday if you’re an Alberto Del Rio fan. He was officially released from the WWE today. I’m not gonna go into why he was let go, but instead go over how much Del Rio really brought to the table.

He was no doubt one of the best in ring competitors in the Business. An Alberto Del Rio match was always entertaining. He could put on a good match with pretty much anybody and let’s not forget that Del Rio was a WWE Champion.

I feel like he was pushed down the ladder way too fast. You have guys like Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Kane, and a few others who were certainly no better than Del Rio as far as character, mic skills, and in ring skills.

WWE lost one of the best today. On behalf of me and Mitch and all your fans, We’ll miss you Alberto.

Many Released by WWE Today

vince youre fired

According to WWE.com, several “superstars” have been released form the company today. Here is the complete list of individuals who have found themselves on the wrong side of the pink slip…

Theodore Long
Brodus Clay
Evan Bourne
Yoshi Tatsu
Curt Hawkins
Jinder Mahal
Drew McIntyre
Marc Harris (referee)

What do Mitch and Al think of these unfortunate releases? We’ll break down all of the individuals and reveal if we think WWE made a smart move.

Theodore Long

Mitch: This guy has been around the block for a while. I just saw footage the other day of when he managed Mean Marc (Mark Calloway before he was the Undertaker) in the early WCW days. He’s spent a lot of time as a ref and had some stints on WWE programming in the GM role. It’s a shame to think that the WWE couldn’t find some position for Teddy as he surely brought a ton of wrestling expertise to the table.

Al: This one hurts me the most. Like Mitch said, Long has been around a while. I enjoyed him the most when he was Rodney Mack’s manager about 10 years ago. He was a great manager and a great mouthpiece. He will be missed.


Mitch: Wasn’t watching when this guy was ever on screen. I think he was an NXT guy. So I won’t miss him.

Al: I hate to admit it but I know nothing about this guy so I’ll just fill this up with a catchy rap lyric by MC Hammer:

Sweat running all over my chest
I don’t quit, no!
I just press harder

Than I ever did before, going for
The dreams that I have in store
In my mind and I know
That I’m makin’ it, I gotta
Get mine and nobody’s takin’ it away

You’re welcome.

Brodus Clay

Mitch: I HATED the Tons of Funk gimmick he did with the former Prince Albert. Way worse than 3MB. It was stupid. Also, his wrestling gear made him look like an idiot. He looked like a cartoon dinosaur. That being said, I actually liked Brodus Clay when he was just being himself. Whenever he would speak on documentaries and such on the WWE Network, he seemed really likable. It’s a shame that his former partner hailing from Planet Funk is transitioning to the broadcast side of things and he’s left out in the cold. I think that not having him as a commentator might end up being a missed opportunity for the WWE.

Al: Poor Brodus. Looks like somebody called his mama and told him he’s unemployed! He never impressed me. Big guy and I’m sure he could’ve been a lot more successful had he been given a better character but hey, let’s not beat a dead horse. Big Brodus will always be remembered for his unique style and his awesome dancing skills with A-Train. Hey, maybe dancing with the former WWE “superstars” would be a good idea for a new show!

Evan Bourne

Mitch: He used to wrestle in the indies as Matt Sydal and I vaguely remember him from when I used to watch Ring of Honor regularly. He’s a talented wrestler and the WWE is missing out for not finding him a spot on their roster. Expect to see this guy in TNA, back in ROH, or maybe he’ll join Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion next year.  He’s not done wrestling.

Al: This guy could’ve been a lot more than what he was with WWE. He enjoyed some success with Kofi Kingston as a tag team called “Air Boom” but never much success at a solo career. He had some bad luck for sure . In November 2011, he violated the company’s wellness policy and in March of 2012 he was involved in a car accident where he broke his foot in four places. Good luck in the future, Evan!

Mitch: I did not know about the drug use or the car crash. That’s what Al’s here for, folks. He brings the knowledge. And the Hammer lyrics.

Yoshi Tatsu

Mitch: I’ve only seen tiny bits of this guys work. He seems like he’s got potential, but that’s all I can say. His look was a little underwhelming for me.

Al: Not much to say here for me considering the fact I don’t know the guy’s work at all. I never got to see him in action and if I did, I must have forgotten . Sorry, y’all. Mitch, post a picture below this of Buff Bagwell. That’ll make everything okay.


Mitch: Don’t worry, Al. I’ve got you covered on the Buff Bagwell pic. Please, nobody Google what kind of work Mr. Bagwell does these days.

Curt Hawkins

Mitch: Another guy I’ve never seen before. Was he any good? After these releases were announced, Mark Henry went to Twitter to say something about how he’s been in the company 18 years and he’s still here. Hawkins responded by saying it was insensitive or something. I think he called Mark Henry an idiot as well. Curt Hawkins shouldn’t take it personally, that’s just what Mark Henry do(es).

Al: I sort of remember this guy but then again, not really.


Mitch: This girl was just on Raw on Monday. Alicia Fox dumped popcorn on her after losing a match and freaking out like the crazy person she’s been lately. They could’ve at least given her a happy last moment on TV.

Al: I liked this girl. They should’ve kept her. I definitely think she could’ve seen some success if they would’ve gave her more of a chance.

Jinder Mahal

Mitch: 2/3 of 3MB got the axe today. Good riddance to the terrible gimmick, but sorry to the real guys who lost their jobs. But seriously, the Three Man Band gimmick has been one of the worst booked groups in history. I don’t recall any of the guys ever winning a match since I restarted watching wrestling in early 2013.

Al: Well, Jinder, you knew it was coming. I mean, you were in 3MB. I’m sure these guys knew their roles in the company. Go out and get a few laughs then get beat. I’m sure Heath Slater is wiping the sweat off his brow today. I wish Jinder the best of luck. Look for TNA to pick up this guy.

drew mcintyre
Drew McIntyre

Mitch: The other member of 3MB to be jobless. Out of the three guys in this group, I like that they kept Heath Slater. I don’t have any real reason to like the guy other than he’s from West Virginia, where both Mitch and Al were born and raised. Surely the WWE can repackage Slater in a way that’s even slightly more meaningful than what he’s been doing, right?

Al: I agree with what Mitch said. Hopefully this will give Heath Slater a chance to develop some sort of a character but it’s a shame his success will be at the expense of two unemployed wrestlers . Good luck to you too, Drew. I hear BCW is hiring! That’s a local wrestling company in Barboursville that I happen to participate in. Hey, no use in sitting on the sidelines when you can be in the game, right?!!!

marc harris
Marc Harris (referee)

Mitch: I read somewhere that he’s currently the only black referee in WWE. Well, he WAS the only black referee in the WWE. Controversy?

Al: Just another unemployed referee. Sorry, Marc. Wonder what referees get paid in the WWE? Hmmm…


Mitch: I’ve never seen this guy wrestle, but he was rumored to have gotten heat from management a while back after complaining about what he believed to be a sub-par Wrestlemania payout. That’s literally the only thing I know about the guy.

Al: Never caught much of this guy.

Final Thoughts by Al:

Good luck to all the released Superstars. No one wants to lose their job, right? Til next time guys!