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5 Best Raw Moments 5/9/16: Ric Flair Is A Velociraptor

Hey, I didn’t regret staying up to watch and write about Raw! I always write the intros last and this week I feel like I’ve viewed some entertaining plot developments and matches from WWE’s flagship show. So here’s my attempt to countdown the 5 best moments from it. It’s a positive article and this was a week where being positive wasn’t too hard.

Before starting, I’ll mention Sami Zayn beating The Miz to get into the IC Title multi-man match as an honorable mention from the night. Trying to stick to a theme of only 5 points will occasionally mean that good stuff gets left out and Sami’s win was definitely good stuff. Now on to the list…

5. An Era Not Kind To New Day

Before their match against The Dudleyz, New Day delivered a clever as usual promo for the Nebraska audience. They recited their usual crowd-favorites, tried to figure out the correct pronunciation of The Vaudevillians, and even sang a beautiful booty-o’s themed rendition of a song from Disney’s Aladdin. However, the real jaw dropper was when Xavier woods talked about a bygone that was not too kind to people like them.

Wait, what?

Obviously, they wanted you to think about times of racial strife in America, but what they were really talking about was a pre-smart phone time in this country. Funny swerve, guys. New Day went on to lose their match against The Dudley’s due to distraction interference by The Vaudevillians.

4. Welcome To Raw, Dana Brooke

THE Total Diva, Dana Brooke, joined her NXT buddy Emma on Raw when she blindsided Becky Lynch during an interview segment. Dana Brooke and Emma were last palling around together as they tried to take out Asuka, but failed. That’s okay though, because they both wrestled some pretty awesome matches against the now-NXT Women’s Champion.

They’ve regrouped and reconnected on the main roster, now with Becky Lynch as their target. Becky was laid out by the two devious ladies on this encounter and I’m looking forward to when she eventually gets her revenge. Will the lass recruit a friend of her own to join in the fight? Sasha hasn’t been doing too much since WrestleMania, hint hint.

3. Ambrose Gets Revenge For Mitch (Not Me)

I was expecting Dean Ambrose to get some sort of revenge for the destruction of his favorite ficus last week. What I didn’t expect was a main event attack during Chris Jericho’s entrance along with a light up jacket shred party. Dean ripping the thing to smithereens and Chris pouting about the loss was the final images of the broadcast, so the show ended on a ‘win’ for a babyface.

As an addendum to this point, I also have been liking the shine that Colin Cassady has been getting. He interrupted Jericho in the opening segment and gave him a boot to setup this match. Even though the bell never rang, he still was booked for the main event of Raw and had a role in this final segment. He’s a fresh face with loads of potential who’s getting some opportunity, which is a very good thing.

2. Ric Flair Gets Escorted Away From Ringside

Just like in her upcoming match against Natalya at Extreme Rules, Charlotte’s father was banned from ringside on Raw. He observed his ringside shun like a good boy – that is, until Natalya started sticking her nose into the match between Paige and the WWE Women’s Champion.

Ric nobly came out to keep order outside of the ring, but then Shane McMahon and a team of officials came out to put a stop to The Nature Boy. It was at this point that Ric reconnected with his inner velociraptor, and everyone knew to keep their distance. Come to think of it, Shane was dressed strikingly similar to Chris Pratt in the most recent Jurassic Park movie during this segment. Was the way this played out planned by someone with a dinosaur fetish? I’ll personally Tweet out this theory…

1. Standoff Over A Chair

The chemistry between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns is undeniable. The two have no trouble making an arena eat out of the palm of their hands and Omaha was no different. The final two competitors in their 6-Man elimination match that included The Family and The Club were predictably the two men in the main event of Extreme Rules, and they delivered with the excitement.

The best of the drama happened after the match was over. Roman was inside of the ring and AJ was on the apron, with a chair on the ground between them. Styles was ready for a Phenomenal Forearm but Roman kicked him the chair. Dude’s got cojones.

AJ kicked the chair back and demanded that he pick up the weapon, which will soon be legal in their upcoming Extreme Rules match. Reigns finally did grab the chair as Styles went to the air for a Phenomenal Forearm. Neither connected, but they didn’t need to.

Every showdown between Styles and Reigns – whether someone goes through a table or both guys simply engage in a stare down like tonight – it ends with even more anticipation for their next big match. If WWE wants to drag this feud another month after Extreme Rules, I’m down for it.

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Strong Numbers For Batista’s Guardians of the Galaxy

by: Mitch Nickelson

Dave Batista has had an odd year in professional wrestling. His much-hyped return and push were almost instantaneously rejected by the fans. This was because he had spent many years away from the WWE and then was handed a headlining spot at Wrestlemania on a silver platter. Even when he accepted the fact that the WWE Universe was determined to not cheer for him and embraced the heel that he is, he still seemed to have an odd connection with the masses. Here’s the best example to prove that point…

While his 2014 run in the WWE has proven to be abnormal, it has still been a fairly successful stint. From his initial pursuit of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to his role in the Evolution/Shield war, he’s carried his weight in some great programs. Wrestling is a universe that he looked to conquer this year, but it wasn’t the only one.

This weekend, Dave is being tested in another field. He has a starring role in one of Marvel’s biggest releases of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though it is a new franchise to the silver screen with a relatively new star in the lead role (the delightful Chris Pratt), much pressure was being put on this film to be hit in a down year for cinema. Did the movie deliver?

So far, the numbers are more than fantastic. According to Deadline.com, Guardians will land around the $94 million mark in its opening weekend. This puts it within $3 million of the top two o of the opening weekends of the year, Transformers 4 ($97.5 million) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($95 million).  And the news keeps getting better. From the article…

“It also takes the crown this weekend for the best August opener of all time surpassing the seven-year record held by Bourne Ultimatum ($69.2M). As I’ve reported several times, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier opening in April to $95M and Guardians opening to $94M, Disney/Marvel has had a tremendous year and the industry can thank  them for expanding the summer.”

Awkward wrestling booking aside, 2014 is turning out to be one monumental year for Batista. The man won the Royal Rumble, headlined Wrestlemania, and is now part of a hit movie that is sure to lead to more and more hit movies as the franchise unfolds.

Did you see Guardians of the Galaxy? Did it live up to the hype? Comment below and let me know if Batista is the next Dwayne Johnson. This would normally be the part of the article where I’d ask you to also send your comments to me on twitter @MitchNickelson, but hold off on those at least until Tuesday. My wife and I won’t be able to see this movie until then. Thanks for reading.