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Mitch Nickelson’s WWE Raw Preview 5/15/16

Serving as the go-home show for next weekend’s Payback event, Monday Night Raw hails from Greensboro, North Carolina this week. That’s Ric Flair country, so expect plenty of Wooo’s whether or not he’s there.

Going off of WWE.com‘s official preview, I’ve taken their  bullet points (the bolded stuff) and added my thoughts on each of these issues. Let’s get to it…

It’s Club-ering Time

Get it? The pun is that they’re calling themselves The Club. GET IT?

Despite WWE’s inability to give these guys a name that comes across even a quarter as cool as Bullet Club, this Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles feud has been absolute money. Last week, the two had an awesome exchange over a chair that wasn’t even used that had the crowd going bananas. Since this is the final Raw before their WWE Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules, I think AJ Styles will get the upper hand in whatever exchange these guys have. Roman will almost certainly retain his title on Sunday so his opponent needs to look strong prior to their match.

The only reservations that I have toward their interactions is the fact that AJ suffered some injuries since last week’s Raw. WWE and Styles are acting like any setbacks are only temporary but that is an issue to be mindful of.

As far as The Usos and Anderson & Gallows are concerned, I think there will be a setup for a tag team match between these guys. There isn’t anything official set up for Extreme Rules at this point and it would be odd if this match doesn’t happen. Maybe this one will be a Tables Match. It could go on without a stipulation but I think it would be better if they attach one to it.

New Day Rocked

The Vaudevillains became the Number One Contender by default when their tournament final match at Payback was stopped due to an Enzo Amore injury. Since then, they’ve come across as way more of a formidable opponent to the WWE Tag Team Champions New Day. Seriously, their big vocabularies and annoyance for childish antics have made them perfect foils for New Day.

I’m not sure if it’s time for New Day to drop their belts or not so I won’t guess who might get any advantages on Raw. As long as both teams get plenty of mic time then I’m happy with all of this.

The ‘EnD’ Is Here

Wait, wait, wait….the team name for Emma and Dana Brooke spells “End?” I literally just figured that out while putting together this preview article. That should make a good t-shirt that I’ll consider purchasing. Dana Brooke is perhaps the best female talker in WWE so I’m more than ecstatic that she rejoined Emma on the main roster. Besides, there are WAY too many heads that need patting right now.

Emma is in need of a tag team partner to even the odds a little and it just so happens that Sasha Banks isn’t doing anything right now. There are a bunch of other women not doing anything that could also join her but Sasha would be the best.

Lights Out

Chris Jericho destroyed Dean Ambrose’s potted plant Mitch. Dean Ambrose ripped Chris Jericho’s obscenely expensive light up jacket to shreds. There was also a straitjacket and some Colin Cassady action mixed in with all of this. Jericho and Ambrose seem to be heading towards a Straitjacket Match at Extreme Rules but the Big Cass factor might change that up somewhat.

Every time these guys cross paths some sort of property damage occurs. My guess for Raw is that whatever gets vandalized and destroyed this time around will valued at a minimum of $25,000.

Caribbean Cool

Oh crap, I forgot that these guys are going to be debuting. I try not to be too negative so I guess I’ll hold out judgement until they actually do something in the ring. It’s a re-re-re-debut and unless these guys are actual travel agents trying to get people to vacation in Puerto Rico then those video packages truly were worthless.


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5 Best WWE SmackDown Moments 5/12/16: Welcome To The Club

After a Raw that saw an obscenely expensive jacket get ripped to shreds by a man who has no business carrying a pair of scissors, SmackDown has arrived. While there wasn’t any further jacket destruction, Chris Jericho did introduce a new jacket that will likely play into a Pay-Per-View stipulation. That moment was one of the best of the night.

Moments that didn’t make the cut but were still notable included Big E getting scolded for repeated attempts at using risque speech, Lana throwing water into Kalisto’s face, and Bob Backlund being a crazy old guy who made Darren Young do 200 squats for using his phone to check the time. Old people are confused and senile and it’s hilarious!

This isn’t a comprehensive review of SmackDown but rather my thoughts on what the best moments of the night were. Assume this list is definitive and authoritative…or disagree. You have a right to your opinion.

5. The Golden Truth Sort Of Finally Forms

Is Breezedango an okay name for Tyler Breeze and Fandango? Or maybe we’ll call them The Beautiful Dance? How about Selfie Sticks and Hip Gyrations?  I’m not sure if Breeze and Fandango have officially formed a tag team together but they did join forces after they got fed up with the nonsense of the two guys that were their partners going into this match.

When R-Truth and Goldust found themselves to be the legal men on opposite sides of the ring, they refused to fight each other. They DO love each other! It was a beautiful moment in which the crowd briefly started a “Golden Truth” chant. The chants may have been piped in, but if that’s the case then please don’t message me or comment about it to set me straight. I want to live in a world that for at least a moment was happy that Truth and Goldust were finally coming together.

The moment didn’t last forever because as I already stated in the Breezedango paragraph above, they were attacked by their respective teammates. There will likely be a tag team match to settle the score and kick off The Golden Truth’s run in the near future. I’m hoping that The Forbidden Dance (nailed it!) will at least get an Extreme Rules pre-show match out of this. (Feel free to comment below with your own catchy tag team name suggestions for Tyler Breeze and Fandango below – even though it’d hard to top The Forbidden Dance.)

4. Playtime Is Over

Dana Brooke had her debut match on the main roster against Becky Lynch on SmackDown. It was notable because she scored a win over the superstar who competed for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32, but that’s not the moment I’m choosing to highlight. It was Dana’s promo prior to this big win that impressed me the most.

When interviewed alongside her pal Emma, Brooke explained why she chose to attack Becky from behind on Monday night. She talked about how Emma was at the forefront of the Women’s Division in NXT, but when Lynch came along, people focused on her instead. As she explained her actions while flexing her biceps (she is a bodybuilder, by the way), she seemed like an absolute natural on the microphone.

Brooke was always a standout talker in NXT. She’s proclaimed herself to be THE Total Diva in the past and has smugly patted those she disliked on the head. Watching this interview on SmackDown, it became clear to me that she might be the most talented female talker that WWE has. She’s so comfortable with her character, and it’s enjoyable to watch. She’s a natural.

3. Two Codebreakers In A Straitjacket

Are Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho building towards a straitjacket match at Extreme Rules? Judging by the opening of SmackDown, that seems to be the case. Some sort of unique stipulation should be expected but I can’t remember the last time I’ve watched that kind of match so why not?

Ambrose was in the middle of the ring, talking about his beef with Y2J when the arena went dark. Jericho’s music hit, yet nothing could be seen. It seemed like the prolonged pitch black was due to Chris’ fancy light up jacket getting destroyed on Raw, but he deviously chose to use the entrance as an opportunity to strike.

Jericho attacked his foe from behind. While Ambrose was loopy, Chris placed him inside of a straitjacket and then beat on him as he came to. Jericho gave him a Codebreaker before a team of refs came out to stop the attack, then gave another in the midst of the black and white stripes. Chris was ruthless as the two march on to a singles match at Extreme Rules.

2. The Club Levels The Usos

The only presence of WWE Champion Roman Reigns and his Extreme Rules challenger AJ Styles was during interview segments with their buddies before this tag team match. Both guys said they’d come out to assist if the either guy shows up, which surprisingly didn’t happen in this contest between Gallows & Anderson and The Usos.

What did happen was a DQ finish that led to a fun brawl on the outside. It felt a little wild and chaotic, something that I haven’t felt like these guys have yet been able to achieve without Roman or AJ involved. It was good that they could do that on their own.

Gallows & Anderson finally prevailed when they brought a steel chair into the mix. As both Jey and Jimmy were lying unconscious on the ground, Anderson sat on the chair while Gallows stood tall behind him. They both threw up their Too Sweet hand gestures in celebration.

1. The Miz Stands Tall

Next to the AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns feud, WWE’s current Intercontinental Championship division is the best thing going. Champion The Miz has Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn all vying for his belt and that’s a heck of a short list of challengers. On this night, a tag team match main evented with the guys split along heel/face lines.

Owens was the man to score the winning pinfall against Cesaro after he hit him with a Frog Splash, and that’s when the really fun stuff happened.The guys traded blows and specialty moves until Kevin was able to Popup Powerbomb Sami Zayn. The Miz, sneaky as he is, immediately came up behind Owens and dropped him with his Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz standing tall among his three fallen challengers is how the show went off the air, a visual that made me particularly happy. I love The Miz. This is such a great mix of wrestlers and this SmackDown main event continued to add fuel to everybody’s fire.


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SmackDown 4/21/16 Results & Reactions

I’m writing this a couple of days after viewing SmackDown, so I’m leaving out match ratings during this recap article. I still have all of the results here and my reactions to everything, minus the Puerto Rico stuff from the Colon boys. What’s the point of all of that, anyways?

On to the show…

MizTV w/ AJ Styles

There’s some questions toward AJ here about whether or not Gallows & Anderson are colluding with the Number One Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or not, but the part I was loving the most was the interactions between Miz & Maryse. When Miz asked her to say “I love you again” simply so he can respond like Han Solo to say “I know,” I died laughing. This guys is money right now. Aj attacked Miz to end the segment.

Ryback def. Kalisto

This was a non-title match. It didn’t blow me away but it wasn’t bad or anything. I just don’t really care that Ryback wants to prove that his WrestleMania loss was a fluke. Kalisto went for his Salida Del Sol but Ryback countered it into a Shellshock for the win.

Baron Corbin Strikes Dolph Ziggler From Behind

I think these two were supposed to have a match together. Dolph was definitely coming into the ring for a match but never made it. Corbin attacked him while his making his entrance and gave him an End of Days on the floor. It was short and sweet. I’m looking forward to their eventual singles match. I assume that’s happening at Payback.

AJ Styles def. The Miz

I watched the first half of this one night and was too sleepy to finish it, so the first half of it was a blur to me. The ending was pretty strong as Anderson & Gallows prevented Miz from bailing on the match early. Miz ate a forearm while on the outside, followed by a Phenomenal Forearm in the middle of the ring. It was good from what I saw and added a new chapter to the AJ/Anderson & Gallows drama.

Finn Balor dropped his NXT Championship to Samoa Joe last night at an NXT live event. That doesn’t have anything to do with this particular episode of Smackdown but it does add to the intrigue of what could happen with these former New Japan stars over the coming weeks. WWE has a ton of interesting ways they can take this and I’m excited to see how it all plays out.

Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn were in a backstage interview in which they discussed potential tag team names. It was mildly humorous. They keep giving Dean Ambrose cheesy stuff like this and attacks with hot dog condiments and making green slime pop out of briefcases, but I won’t complain too much. His charisma usually makes up for the weak material.

Anderson & Gallows talk about their first match on Raw against The Usos next week. They said they’re going to make an “Impact.” Get It?! That’s probably not what they meant.

Paige & Natalya def. Tamina & Naomi

I love Naomi’s glowing shoes. They need to sell those in kids sizes to I can buy them for my children. Natalya and Paige made their opponents tap out while they both applied submissions. Natalya challenges for Charlotte’s title at Payback, so win here makes sense. It’s good to see Paige on a winning team as well as she’s kind of been an afterthought in recent months.

R-Truth def. Fandango (With Special Referee Goldust)

Lots and lots of dancing here. I don’t mind the silliness and didn’t think they drug it out too long. R-Truth defeated Fandango, who tagged with Goldust in the tag tourney that’s going on. Truth and Goldust danced together post-match, which I’m guessing is their way of implying that they’re finally cool with each other now and will form The Golden Truth.

Promo Time With The Tag Tournament Finals Teams

Enzo & Cass were in the ring when they were interrupted by The Vaudevillians, who were at the top of the ramp. I think they’re finally presenting English & Goth correctly, having them being super proper and offended at the classlessness of their opponents. There was no big revelation but I hope that The Vaudevillians get this kind of mic time on Raw on Monday.

Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens def. Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn

I don’t recall any gangbuster exchanges but I did enjoy this main event. There were too many hot talents to not. Jericho tripped up Ambrose while he was climbing the ropes, setting him up to be pinned by Kevin Owens. After the match, Owens and Jericho hugged like best buddies forever. There could’ve been more excitement here but it was still decent affair.

Final Thoughts:

I’m not a big fan of making secondary champions look like losers, but that’s what happened to U.S. Champion Kalisto and IC Champion The Miz tonight. I have less of a problem with it in The Miz’s case because he’s a slimy heel and lost slightly cheaply to a guy who’s main eventing the next Pay-Per-View. In the Kalisto’s case, I don’t see how a clean loss to a guy that doesn’t have much direction helps him in any way.

Miz was my favorite part of the show tonight. The guy is hilarious. The AJ Styles drama was furthered as well. That adds more intrigue to the main event at Payback. I just realized that the other half of that main event in a little over a week, WWE Champion Roman Reigns, was not on this show. There’s so much drama for Styles at the moment that his challenge to Reigns is kind of an afterthought to at all. That’s kind of strange.

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SmackDown 4/14/16 Reactions

SmackDown is in San Diego this week and I’ve been on a show review kick. (Check out this week’s NXT, Lucha Underground, and TNA Impact when you have some spare time.) This is the same crowd that got to see the awesome Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler match on Main Event, which was great. Here are my thoughts on all of the fun stuff that went down…

MizTV With Maryse

I’m quite fine with Miz and Maryse being the current “It Couple” in WWE. They’re hilariously full of themselves and fawned all over each other during this segment until they were interrupted by the former Intercontinental Champion, Zack Ryder. Ryder almost got a rematch against Miz but instead found out he’d be facing off against Baron Corbin instead. I hope Ryder remains a presence in the IC division. He doesn’t have to regain the title or anything but it would be nice if his WrestleMania win doesn’t get treated like a total fluke.

Baron Corbin def. Zack Ryder (End of Days, Pinfall)

Well, maybe Ryder is getting the fluke treatment after all. This was a fairly quick match that saw Ryder taking the loss clean after eating Corbin’s finisher. I like Big Banter and hope he gets treated like a threat, I’m just poo-pooing the fact that Ryder can’t stay relevant.

Corbin keeps beating on Ryder after the match and gets saved by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler will probably lose to him in a singles match at Payback because Dolph’s good for stuff like that. He’ll make Corbin look like a million bucks.

Kevin Owens was backstage being interviewed by Renee Young. Owens hinted that he was going to get involved with Sami Zayn’s match in the main event.

Emma def. Paige (Top Rope Trip-up, Pinfall)

Nothing too special here, but it’s interesting to see where these girls are. Emma seemed like a dead in the water character several months ago while Paige seemed like a cornerstone to the formerly Divas division. Emma’s defeat of Paige is odd, but good for Emma.

There was a recap of the Anderson/Gallows debut on Raw and Mauro used the phrase “Number one with a bullet.” Get it, bullet? GET IT?!

Enzo Amore & Big Cass def. The Ascension (Rocket Launcher, Pinfall)

Enzo used his fantastic zero dimes and gave Konnor & Viktor the sickest burn ever. He called them The Ascension.

The match was formulaic, but nobody was expecting The Ascension to get any significant offense here. Enzo & Cass are getting great responses with the live crowds. They’ve also appeared on Steve Austin’s podcasts twice last week, which are worth a listen.

Alberto Del Rio interrupted a backstage promo with AJ Styles to set up their match. ADR tells AJ that he’s way out of his league. I’m excited about this first time ever matchup.

AJ Styles def. Alberto Del Rio (Rollup)

The .gif of Alberto Del Rio’s scary inverted Superplex against Styles was something that made the rounds online long before I witnessed this match and it was just as scary as the first time I saw it. I’m not sure where the mistake lied but it was still dangerous.

Styles and Del Rio delivered with a solid match. It wasn’t the best thing ever, though. I’d put the weakest of the Styles/Jericho matches ahead of this one, but it was the best match of this night. I wish I could say that this left me wanting more but it doesn’t.


Apparently Goldust still doesn’t want to be R-Truth’s partner. Fandango, who still exists on WWE’s roster, showed up to inform us that he will be teaming with Goldust. These humor segments have been more miss than hit but I didn’t mind this one. It got a little chuckle out of me.

The Vaudevillians def. Goldango (Whirling Dervish, Pinfall)

I’m not sure how the team of Goldust & Fandango is supposed to be spelled. It doesn’t matter, I guess. This loss most likely signals the end of their run together.

Simon Gotch & Aiden English face The Usos in the next round of the Tag Team Tournament. The other match remaining is between Enzo & Cass and The Dudley Boyz. I’m rooting for Enzo & Cass to win this but I’m not sure how Anderson & Gallows play into it all. After taking out The Usos on Monday night I assume that they’ll keep targeting them – or other tag teams. Either way, tag teams should be scared.

Zayn def. Jericho (KO Interference, DQ)

As if this matchup needed spicing up, we were treated to both Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens on commentary. It was great. Inadvertently, it was also a negative for this match because I was paying way more attention to the voices then to the action in-ring.

The final few minutes of this showed that Jericho vs. Zayn could be an amazing singles match if given proper time and build. Instead of that happening on this night, the guys in the ring targeted the guys on commentary. Jericho attacked Ambrose and Zayn back body dropped Jericho onto Owens. KO made his way into the ring a few moments later to attack Sami and officially end this match. I love every combination that these four guys can wrestler in and expect them to have a couple of stellar singles matches (Zayn vs. Owens and Ambrose vs. Jericho) at Payback.

Final Thoughts:

Not a bad SmackDown on paper. AJ Styles vs. Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn are a couple of pairings that had me excited prior to this show. They didn’t end up being four star matches but were still good. I like the Miz/Maryse stuff in the beginning and the promo time for Enzo & Cass before their match. Plus, Owens and Ambrose on commentary together are gold. The bickering back and forth was highly entertaining.

Overall, this was a slightly above average show.

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Mitch Nickelson Radio #6: Rory Fox

Welcome to the brand new episode of Mitch Nickelson Radio, your weekly fix of the pursuit of the various niche promotions and brands in professional wrestling. This week’s episode features an interview with a guy that has had the chance to do some pretty cool things in the wrestling business, Rory Fox. I best remember him from an appearance on an MTV documentary a few years back. Others may have heard him on Chris Jericho’s podcast. Regardless, he helped make this one of the best episodes of MNR to date.

Here’s the preview for this week…

Rory Fox joins the program this week as he talks about his recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast (episode #94), his work in 3XW, and his take on current happenings in WWE.

Later in the show, Sgt. Damage and Al Jaxson join Mitch in a panel discussion. The three discuss the best match of 2014, the best superstar of the year, and even offer up predictions for 2015.

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Ryback Is A Class Act On Talk Is Jericho

On this week’s Friday edition of Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast Ryback sat in the hot seat. He took questions from Chris about the harsh recent comments that were made about him from CM Punk and seemed to handle the whole thing like a class act. Here is an excerpt…

“I went and heard part of it. Punk was always good to me when he was here and I felt I was good to him. He was never like that to my face and I felt we always had good matches for the most part on the live events. To leave and say the things he said, I try not to take anything personal anymore. So whatever he’s going through, if he feels the need to say that, I can tell you it’s not true.

It’s one of those things, it’s like, come on man. I don’t understand if it’s a personal thing with me. I don’t know but I have no ill feeling towards the guy, I wish him the best.”

While it is true that CM Punk did suffer very real injuries from these matches with Ryback it also seems like it would be false to label any of The Big Guy’s mistakes as intentional. What do you think? Am I being too kind toward Ryback? Comment below if you’d like to counterpoint me.

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Main Event Review for December 16th, 2014

Welcome back to another edition of WWE’s Tuesday night sports entertainment extravaganza, Main Event! Main Event is live on the WWE Network and comes to us from Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. While Smackdown is normally taped on the same night, this week things are changed up slightly as the usual Friday show will air live on USA immediately afterward. I haven’t watched it yet and it might be a couple of days until I get caught up. Byron Saxton and Michael Cole are our announcers.

I watch this show and type a summary of the important events and my thoughts on all of it as I go along. I then wrap everything up at the end in a Final Thoughts section. Let’s get started.

MizTV Interviews Naomi

Have I mentioned that I really like this angle? Miz brings a legitimate level of sliminess to this storyline.  If you took his actions at face value then he is just trying to help out Naomi. But he knows how to deliver every ‘good deed’ in a way that makes you feel like he is one step away from inviting her back to his place for a couch audition.

He tells her on this night that he pulled some strings and got her booked in a Diva’s Championship match later in the night (on Smackdown). He tells her that she might need permission from her husband and that cues Jimmy and his brother to charge into the ring. Miz continues being the creep by saying that he thinks Naomi is talented and wants to see her succeed. “It’s too bad that your husband doesn’t feel the same way.”

Erick Rowan will take on Kane later on the show.

The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) & Cesaro

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods represented their team while Big E gave Natalya his handkerchief on the outside. The over-the-top excitement of New Day seemed like too much in the beginning but the crowd is getting into them. This gimmick might take them farther than I would have guessed.

Cesaro seems to be joining Tyson in his chauvinist antics. At one point, Tyson put Kofi in a Tree of Woe and tried to distract the ref while subtly signaling at Natalya to interfere. She doesn’t, then Tyson screams “What’s wrong with you?!” to his wife on the outside. Then, Cesaro stomped on Kofi’s face while the ref wasn’t looking and yelled “That’s how you do it!” toward Nattie. Poor girl, now she’s getting verbal abuse from Tyson’s buddies as well.

This was the fun, athletic bout you’d hope it would be. Cesaro even busted out his Swing on Kofi and Kidd helped him finish it off by drop-kicking him at the end. It looked really good on the replay. Kofi found himself in distress and the crowd got hyped up for the hot tag to Woods. There were plenty of fun near falls but the ending came after Kofi did a top rope stomp to Tyson, who was being propped up on the knee of Xavier. That was another move that looked great when they replayed it.

Winners by pinfall: New Day

After the match, all three members of New Day celebrated their win in the ring while Natalya tried to give her husband some water on the outside. Cesaro took the water bottle from her and gave it to Tyson himself because apparently she wasn’t doing it right. This was a good match. Go back and watch it if you can.

Roman Reigns will be returning to in-ring action on Smackdown. Dean Ambrose will be having some sort of confrontation with Bray Wyatt as well.

Paige Watches Titus O’Neil Challenge Erick Rowan in Chess

I think I summed up this backstage segment pretty well in the title. Erick Rowan was showing Paige some Bobby Fisher moves and Titus called Erick “swamp booty” before we found out that Titus doesn’t know how to play chess.

Chris Jericho hosted Raw on the previous night and it led to the return of Brock Lesnar. Brock also got involved in the main event between John Cena and Seth Rollins. All of this is replayed at this point during a recap segment. John Cena challenges Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Naomi approaches Miz backstage and tries to apologize for earlier. Miz tells her that her Diva’s Title match is already set up but if she can’t control her husband then all her dreams of Hollywood will go away.

Emma vs. Paige

These two were given more time than I would have guessed. The crowd was a little quiet at times to the point that you could hear some move-calling. Paige would take a few occasions to yell out to the crowd and she was doing fairly well at trying to draw them into the match. There isn’t any story to the two of them wrestling on this night but I guess that sometimes there doesn’t need to be. Paige won by applying her PTO maneuver to Emma.

Winner by submission: Paige

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will be competing in a Boot Camp match on Wednesday’s Tribute To The Troops special on USA.

Titus O’Neil joins the announce team as Michael tries to joke with him about his lack of chess skills. Titus will be there during the Erick Rowan match.

Erick Rowan vs. Kane

Much of this match was a blur to me because I was way too distracted by the banter between Titus and Michael Cole. Cole kept insulting the intelligence of O’Neil and he would respond by insulting Michael’s announcing skills. I did find it entertaining but it in no way complemented the match. Rowan and Kane were an afterthought to the dialogue.

The action spilled to the outside and Rowan slammed Kane into the announce table. Kane caused a couple of cups that were in front of Titus to fly towards him and soak him. Titus was looking pristine before the drenching and was repulsed by it. He yelled at Rowan that he was going to send him a bill of $5200. Shortly after that, Kane Chokeslammed Rowan in the middle of the ring and successfully pinned him.

Winner by pinfall: Kane

Michael Cole tried to tell Titus about a sale on Amazon regarding a Chess for Dummies book and Titus left the announce table highly irritated. I’m sure Kane and Rowan were also doing stuff.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts

It’s been a week of way more wrestling than normal and I expected Main Event to be more of a chore to watch this week. Surprisingly, I thought it was above average. I love the Miz/Naomi story and I find myself genuinely wanting to root for Jimmy Uso to get the chance to get his hands on Miz.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro make a good tag team. All three members of New Day are working hard at getting their new stable over. Every person in that match is someone that I hope gets to the next level in WWE. They had the best match on this show.

I won’t overly criticize the announcing from the Kane/Rowan match simply because I like Titus O’Neil and thought he was funny. It is a shame that it distracted so much from the in-ring action but it looks like it’ll lead to an O’Neil match against Erick Rowan. That’s good news for Titus, even if it’s just a Main Event match. He’s not really doing much of anything else at the moment.

That’s all for me this week. Did you like the show? Go ahead and type your thoughts into the Comments section below and I’ll talk with you. Also, check out my recent podcast episode by clicking HERE. I got the chance to chat with Ring of Honor’s Caprice Coleman and Jason Iannone of Cracked.com.

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Y2J Wants Fat Jonah Hill To Play Him In A Movie (Interview Highlights)

Chris Jericho has a new book to promote and he recently talked with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald about it. His third biography, “The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea,” was discussed in addition to his rock band Fozzy, his pro-wrestling career, and much more. Here are a few highlights that I found interesting, followed by a several thoughts by me…

On being hated after his first big comeback:

“When I came back in 2007, it was very stale. The character was very plain, which is why I recreated myself into the suit-wearing, evil Jericho. That struck a chord. I mean people hated that character. They were attacking me on the streets physically, starting riots in the arena by throwing glow sticks and beer cups and D batteries. Who brings D batteries to a wrestling show? Do they sneak it in with a Teddy Ruxpin doll? I mean how do you do that? They found a way, and I was hit with it. Physically, it hurt… Deep down inside I thought, ‘Man, I’ve got something going here.’ That character made a real impact and made a lot of money and put a**es in seats because people hated him so much.”

Heel Jericho is awesome. Very few bad guys in this era of wrestling truly do what they can to get the fans to hate them. The temptation to be the cool heel is always there because why would you not want to capitalize on the merchandising revenue? But if you’re truly evil then you need to find a way to make the fans spend their money on the guy that they want to beat you up.

On his recent return and feud with Bray Wyatt:

“I just kind of made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t go back unless there is a focus. I made it very clear to the powers that be, and they agreed. They don’t want Chris Jericho back just to be there and not do anything. That doesn’t help them either. [Bray] is a great performer. [The Wyatt Family and former Shield members] are great performers at varying levels. WWE is very much, and rightfully so, about constantly updating and upgrading the talent. You have to have a constant movement in place. I love the fact they put Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on last [at the Hell in a Cell show]. I love the fact Wyatt interrupted them. Now it’s [John] Cena and [Randy] Orton who are slowly moving down and Ambrose, Rollins and Wyatt are slowly moving up. That’s kind of what keeps the business fresh and alive.”

Bray Wyatt really suffered after his John Cena feud earlier this year. He went from a hot talent on the verge of becoming a bonafide main eventer to a little on the stale side with lessened credibility in a matter of months. Today, Bray seems hot again and the Jericho feud definitely contributed to that. They ended their run with a very memorable Raw cage match and then Bray spent a solid month off camera with those exceptional promos airing in his absence. By the time he showed up again during the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins main event at Hell In A Cell it felt like he belonged there. Hopefully WWE doesn’t ‘John Cena’ Bray again.

On who would play him in a movie about Chris Jericho:

“I will go with Jonah Hill. It’s got to be fat Jonah Hill. I don’t want skinny, creepy Jonah Hill. I want fat Jonah Hill.”

I’m not sure either version of Jonah Hill would work as Y2J, but he’s right about skinny Jonah Hill being creepy.

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Mitch And Al Radio Episode #6: HIAC Picks

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Mitch And Al Radio Episode #3

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