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Damien Sandow Is Massively Over, Fired Anyways

Damien Sandow has a unique gift of getting over with any group of people he’s put in front of, regardless of the ridiculous persona he’s portraying at the time. From an uppity aristocrat in a bathrobe to a stunt double who mimics the every action of the inflated ego of a Hollywood-actor, Sandow could win over anybody under any circumstances.

Well, almost anybody.

There has always been one niche market that has failed to connect with Sandow’s persona: his employer. Today, WWE has decided to part ways with the incredibly over wrestler…

The letting go of Sandow coincided with the releases of Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, Cameron, Alex Riley, El Torito, and Zeb Colter. WWE issued statements with the expected comment of “WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors.”

Surely Sandow can now be considered the hottest free agent on the market, right? Could Damien be now headed to the likes of New Japan, Lucha Underground, or TNA? Or will this release signal the end of the career of possibly the most underused talent in WWE history?


WWE’s Rebuilding Phase Is Keeping Mark Henry Off-Screen

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, former World Champion and World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry is available to be used on-screen but WWE is electing not to. The company is currently in a “rebuilding phase,” focusing on many of the fresher faces. This is evidenced by the recent prominence of wrestlers like AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn.

This rebuilding has been affecting more than just Henry. Other seasoned veterans such as Kane and Big Show, who have maintained a steady on-screen presence for well more than a decade, are also far less visible these days. Perhaps there’s some truth to all of this “New Era” talk after all.

Henry has made it known that he intends on retiring in the near future. He’s recently been in the public eye thanks to Tweets about his involvement with the Make A Wish Foundation.

Wrestling World Reacts To Bobby Heenan’s Hospitalization

The pro wrestling community has been saddened to hear that wrestling legend Bobby Heenan has been hospitalized over the past day. According to his wife, Cynthia Heenan,”Doctors are going keep Bobby for the next 72 hours because his blood pressure is so low.”

Before Mrs. Heenan shared this news, many of us first found out about Bobby’s state when Mean Gene went to social media…

Many popular wrestling personalities took to social media to offer thoughts and kind words to revered former manager and color commentator…

Get well soon, Bobby.

Ryback Explains His Side Of WWE Drama

Ryback has been notably absent on WWE programming as of late. He’s had two pre-show losses to Kalisto on WWE Pay-Per-Views (WrestleMania 32 and Payback) with no TV presence sandwiched in between. Fans have been getting suspicious of lack of Big Guy on Raw and SmackDown.

Over the past few days, it became known that Ryback (real name Ryan Reeves) and his company have been at odds over new terms for his soon-expiring contract. Before last night’s Raw, the rumor mills were abuzz about him either leaving WWE or being sent him. Today, Ryback took to his Tumblr blog to share his side of the story.

The initial speculation was that Reeves was unhappy about the money being offered but there seems to be much more to this stalemate than originally thought. Here are his statements in their entirety..

Today I sit and fly home and for the first time in years feel absolutely free. I will start by saying I did request to be taken off of WWE television until myself and Vince could get a yes or no on a new deal. This has been going on since my IC Title run and had been nothing but a major strain on my life as all I ever wanted to do was work for WWE. I was told to head home until we agree or not agree to specific terms and contrary to reports it isn’t over money or a bus that stuff was settled a while ago. It comes down to a major problem I have with not only WWE but wrestling in general.

Wrestling is pre determined, we as performers know before we go out to that ring or perform a backstage scene who is winning and losing etc or have a general idea of what we are going to say. It blows my mind how in a sport which is pre determined from a company standpoint winners are paid so much more than the losers. Every single person who works for WWE from top to bottom is absolutely just as valuable as the next. The winners cannot win unless the losers go out there and agree to lose to them.

It blows my mind that in this day and age though we still adhere to this formula. Obviously things have always been this way, but does that make them right? Times have changed and our goal as humans should be to evolve and learn from our past and the past of others so we could make this world a better place. Why is it a guy who is told he is going to go out and lose and does everything he is told be paid not only less, but much less than said winner over a period of time. Every single performer for WWE sacrifices the same amount of time from home and their families and every single man or women goes out and does what they are told. Looking at this formula though losers turn into what fans like to call jobbers and their value decreases in the companies eyes and before you know it they get released. For what? For doing exactly as they are told!

Why not pay the talent equally? The winners have more MERCH as it is or are supposed to anyways so they get that extra perk, but why make the guy who is told to and agrees to lose earn less and sacrifice spots in big pay per view match ups etc. This is one of the major problems with wrestling and WWE today. Most guys take great satisfaction in helping making other talent, the bitching and the moaning we always hear about stems from the fact they know they are ultimately over time going to make less and live in fear of being released.

I am proud to say I have never gone to change a finish and have gladly took pride in helping put over other talent. Hell look at my pay per view record of 12-26 and you will see that has been the pattern of my career. I have always been confident in my ability and work ethic to being my best every day and ultimately always felt that by doing good it was the right thing to do. Personally seeing my money go down over the years though even though I was working as much as ever and being denied magazine covers and other projects as well as watching my role diminish no matter what I did or how hard I tried takes its toll on a human. Being told no matter how hard I work or how good I get doesn’t always pay off is something I fucking refuse to ever believe in my life. I am a creative being and to be restricted time and time again is no way to live life. There is nothing I cannot do and I know no matter what comes of this situation I am going to be just fine. It isn’t soley about money, it is about commitment. Commitment to a guy who fucking cares and who loves this more than anything in the world and wants to know that his passion his efforts and his determination to constantly improve is going to be recognized and taken care of.

WWE may very well release me, which if it is the case so be it. If we can work things out a lot needs to change as I am not living in fear and creatively cannot continue to live a life that limits me creatively. I have many other interests and passions and have been very smart with my finances over the years. I thank every WWE superstar from top to bottom for their sacrifices and for working with me. The world is an amazing place and there is more than just a WWE universe there is The Universe and I will prove one way or another over time I am the greatest big guy in the universe!


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Ric Flair Terminated Podcast Contrast

This has been quite a tumultuous week for The Nature Boy. Between an incident at airport and a harsh comment towards Natalya that needed cut out of this week’s SmackDown televised broadcast, he keeps finding himself at the center of some unfortunate news.

The most recent update in the Flair drama is that his podcast, Wooooo! Nation, is coming to an abrupt halt. The timing is suspicous, but Ric’s podcast partner, Conrad Thompson, revealed that the business decision was Flair’s…

So, Ric ended the contract and not his employer? That’s good if it’s true, but it’s still odd that the news came about during this week. Pinned at the top of Conrad’s Twitter feed is an assurance that despite the rough past few days, Ric is indeed fine.

Ric Flair is still expected to be in the corner of his daughter this Sunday at Payback. Charlotte will be defending her WWE Women’s Championship against Natalya, who will also be accompanied to the ring by her uncle, Bret Hart.

Ric Flair Says “Kill Yourself,” Natalya Plugs WWE Network (Video)

At this week’s Smackdown tapings, The Nature Boy” Ric Flair caused a little bit of controversy with Jim Neidhart’s daughter Bret Hart’s niece when he told her to kill herself. Natalya responded semi-appropriately with a comeback of asking him if he knew about the WWE Network. The video of the exchange is beginning to make the rounds on social media…

Is this something that Ric needs to put on blast over? I don’t think so, but it is good that it’s opening up discussion. Kids who watch might be tempted to repeat this phrase to their peers. If WWE doesn’t have a stated policy on this language then maybe it’s time to inform their on-air talent that this is unacceptable.

It’d be disappointing if Flair was suspended over these comments when all WWE needs to do is edit them out of theTV broadcast. Even if they kept the comments in, as long as the commentary team responded with remarks about how terrible Ric’s words were, then that would probably be fine.

Have any thoughts on Ric Flair telling Natalya to “Kill Yourself?” If so, comment below.

Samoa Joe Captures NXT Championship

Social media exploded last night when Samoa Joe captured the NXT Championship. reported that “Joe’s victory put an end to Bálor’s record-breaking reign as NXT Champion. The Demon won the title on July 4, 2015, and held it for 292 days, surpassing the mark set by Neville in 2014.”

Congrats to Joe, who is the only man to capture the NXT Championship, the TNA Championship, and the Ring of Honor Championship in his career. Is the WWE Championship next on his bucket list?

Now that Finn Balor is no longer champ, does this increase the likelihood of a main roster callup? Those rumors are being spread even by some of Finn’s peers…

Lucha Underground Rumor: Will Rey Mysterio Sign?

On Monday September 21st, Lucha Underground took to social media to inform their legion of fans that Season 2 has been confirmed. A followup to the 39 episode Season 1 has been in doubt due to the extremely high production costs of $400,000 per episode, but reduced expenditures and fewer episodes have been accounted for to make the new season a reality.
To add to the excitement of the new episodes, Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting (via Lords of Pain) that Rey Mysterio is expected to be announced as one of the lead wrestlers signed for the upcoming season. Mysterio was one of the cornerstones of the cruiserweight explosion in WCW in the 1990s. He later went on to WWE to become a two time World Heavyweight Champion as well a one time WWE Champion.
Mysterio has also received a 2007 Hall of Fame induction into Mexico’s AAA promotion, as well as previously winning several of their championships. Both AAA and El Rey Network have been two of the biggest driving forces behind Lucha Underground so Mysterio would not be a stranger to their audience.
Mysterio is a legend not only of the lucha libre style but also to the mainstream professional wrestling audience. He would be Lucha Underground’s biggest signing by far and would inject a huge boost of interest into the 2016 season. It should be noted that Lucha Underground has not confirmed Rey’s signing at this point. Rey’s wrestling future is wide open at this point, leaving even a return to WWE on the table.
With newly crowned heel Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes at the Season 1 ending Ultima Lucha event, a feud with babyface Rey Mysterio would be a top tier marquee matchup.
Another wrestler expected to have bigger role in the upcoming season is the eccentric Marty the Moth. The former Martin Casaus was a past WWE Tough Enough competitor and was mostly seen in Season 1 in more of a humorous role. Although, Ultima Lucha did end with a dark cinematic sequence in which he appeared to have kidnapped Sexy Star.
Lucha Underground’s fans are excited of the new season confirmation and the rumors of a potential Mysterio signing only add to that excitement. It’s still uncertain when in 2016 that the new episodes will air but Rey or no Rey, they’re coming.

The Brothers Of Destruction (Kane And The Undertaker) Are Returning

The Undertaker has returned to WWE programming during the non-WrestleMania part of the year for 2015. On-screen, he’s been waging a war against the man who conquered The Streak, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar lost at their SummerSlam encounter due to some shenanigans but will have his shot at revenge when the two collide inside Hell in a Cell at the upcoming eponymous event.

WWE fans in Mexico will also be treated to a few matches by the Deadman as he is scheduled for live events on Friday, October 16th from Merida, Saturday the 17th in Mexico City and Sunday the 18th from Monterrey. Undertaker will be joined by his on-screen brother, Kane, as the two former Tag Team Champions square off against The Wyatt Family. It appears that Luke Harper and Braun Strowman will be representing their stable in these three matches in this series.

Kane and The Undertaker have reigned as Tag Team Champions on three occasions. Two of those reigns were with the then-WWF Tag Team Titles and one reign was with the WCW Tag Team Titles. The last time they teamed together was on an April 22, 2013 episode of Raw when they fought alongside Daniel Bryan against The Shield.

This should be a fun nostalgia act for the WWE fans in Mexico. I was hoping that WWE would make one of these Mexico shows a live WWE Network special but with the Madison Square Garden Event, the next NXT TakeOver, and Hell in a Cell in October, they probably don’t need another live event. There’s definitely a point when a company is overloading their fans with content and WWE is already at that line anyway.

Even though WWE doesn’t plan on broadcasting this live, hopefully they record at least one of these matches. If they couple it with one or two other bouts from the Mexico tour then they can offer that as a one-hour special on a month that NXT isn’t running. Not every new wrestling show has to be live and this is a case where they could hold onto these matches for a month or two. It would still be something to tune in for.

Jim Ross Comments On Seth Rollins’ Booking

Recently, Jim Ross was asked by a fan about the recent booking of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in the Q&A section of his blog. Rollins receives criticisms often because he’s booked as a cowardly champ who relies on cheap tactics like outside interference to win, although his wins as of late have been cleaner. Here are Ross’ thoughts on the issue…

“Booking is highly subjective and can’t truly be judged over the short term. I’d likely tweak how Rollins is being booked, but that doesn’t make me right either. I think WWE is setting him up for an eventual ‘face turn down the road and I have no issues with where Seth is at this time at it’s a marathon and not a sprint even though many fans today have little to no patience.”

I agree with Ross about that eventual face turn. Considering his use of Triple H’s Pedigree and the less cohesiveness of The Authority these days, I’d be inclined to think that one of the big WrestleMania matches will be between a heel Triple H and a babyface Seth Rollins. With still about half a year between now and the Texas edition of WrestleMania, there’s more than enough time to build to that scenario. Rollins would likely drop his title between now and then because a guy like Hunter doesn’t need to be in the top title match at that show.

That booking scenario runs counter to what my initial speculation is for Rollins at WrestleMania, which would be a triple threat match between him, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If this match main events on a card that will be full of legends like The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and Triple H, it would be a big endorsement of the current generation of stars. All three Shield members have the potential to be top performers for the next 5-10 years, so go ahead and give them their platform.

Between the Triple H vs. Rollins and Shield Triple Threat for the WWE Championship options I’ve discussed, I’d much rather see the triple threat match. Going back to Ross’ original statements, that would make the build to Hunter vs. Seth even more of a marathon. If Rollins dropped the title at Mania to one of his former stable mates, that could be the final straw in Hunter losing faith in his former protégé. Their relationship then could spend a few months properly deteriorating, building to a SummerSlam 2016 encounter. It’s a very long term plan in an era where long term just doesn’t happen.

Thanks for reading my fantasy booking banter inspired by a few Jim Ross comments. What do you think should happen regarding Rollin’s “eventual face turn down the road?” Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.