Lucha Underground 4/27/16 Results & Reactions

This was a big episode of Lucha Underground. It was announced ahead of time that Cage and Johnny Mundo would be settling their score in a cage match and the final match for this season’s Trios Championship Tourney would occur. Both bouts had tons of potential and upon viewing, they did not disappoint.

Cage def. Johnny Mundo (Ancient Aztec Medallion Match – In A Cage)

They made sure to replay the “Cage in a cage” line that Mundo spoke last week when he found out about this match. Cage rightfully looked like the dominant monster that he is and Mundo spent much of the time just trying to evade The Machine. Taya helped out when she could. She even fed a kendo stick and a chair to Mundo.

Highlights from this match included a pretty sick Boston Crab by Cage onto Mundo elevated on the turnbuckles, a top rope Spanish Fly by Johnny, Taya interfering with a crossbody off the top of the cage, and a Steiner Screwdriver on Mundo on top of a steel chair for the win for Cage. The score felt settled here with a pinfall in the middle of the ring.

Mitch’s Rating: ****1/4

Dragon Azteca, Jr., Prince Puma, & Rey Mysterio, Jr. def. 3 Other Trios Teams (Finals To The LU Trios Championship Tournament)

There’s not much better than sticking 11 fantastic luchadors in a match that has 4 people legal at the same time. Dario announced before the match start that Angelico wasn’t on his team due to some undisclosed injury, so Ivelisse and Son of Havoc had to defend their Trios belts with a man down.

Some of the fun spots and interactions included Joey Ryan causing his team to lose because he was too preoccupied with beating up the only girl in the match, more dives to the outside than I can count, a modified GTS by Prince Puma that ended in more of a Pele Kick to the head, a Prince Puma 630 off the top rope, and Puma launching Dragon Azteca, Jr. into the air to give one mighty assist with his Helicopter Tornado DDT. Rey Mysterio scored the winning pinfall for his team, which is smart. If I ran a wrestling company and I had Rey Mysterio, I would definitely find a belt to put on him.

Mitch’s Rating: ***3/4

Pentagon, Jr. Can’t Walk

The show closed with a cinematic piece. Pentagon, Jr., who I believe was last seen getting demolished by Matanza in the ring, was in a wheelchair and looked pretty bad off. His master, Vampiro, kept commanding him to walk. Vampiro even poured some liquid onto him that looked scalding hot. Pentagon, Jr. tried to get out of his wheelchair but instead flopped hard on the ground, face first. Vampiro simply called him weak for his failure. That’s some tough love right there.

Final Thoughts:

This was a FANTASTIC hour of wrestling. Both matches were among the best televised wrestling contests of the week. Lucha Underground tells stories well and I always feel satisfied with the way they do so. From the ending of the Cage/Mundo rivalry to the interactions between the slimy Joey Ryan and his undercover cop cohort, this isn’t just great wrestling, it’s great television.

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