TNA Impact 4/26/16 Results & Reactions

This week’s edition of TNA is called Sacrifice. Like usual, I won’t break down every backstage segment but I’ll cover the major stuff with a big emphasis on my opinions of it all. Let’s get to it…

Drew Galloway def. Tyrus (w/Rockstar Spud)

Galloway had taped up ribs because of a Bobby Lashley spear last week, which played into Tyrus’ tactics. He targeted the ribs, even ripping off the tape. Spud keep trying to distract and interfere and was an overall nuisance to Drew. Tyrus lost, but looked good in the process. He took some big offense from Drew and kept coming at him, kicking out of pin attempts after a top rope superplex and also a Claymore Kick.

Mitch’s Rating: ***

Rosemary (w/Crazzy Steve) def. Gail Kim

Rosemary and her Decay pals kidnapped Gail Kim recently because they’re creepy like that. Josh Matthews said during this match that he recently asked Kim what happened during that ordeal but she refused to comment. Gail had this match won but failed to get the three count because Steve pulled her out of the ring after 2. Maria Kanneli, who was at ringside, also tried to be a distraction to Kim. She’s got a fan club, I guess. Rosemary capitalized on all of this nonsense and scored a win over the Kim.

Mitch’s Rating: **

Eli Drake’s Fact Of Life

This was strange, but I liked it. He kept calling people Dummies in the middle of the ring in front of a podium. He even had a button that played a recording of his voice saying, “Dummy, yeah.” The BroMans came out and he of course called them dummies. This ended with a brawl that Jessie and Robbie came out on top of. I’ve seen a bunch of befuddled reactions online about this segment. I liked it, though. It was weird in a way that I can get on board with.

The Decay (w/Rosemary) def. Beer Money (Valley Of Shadows Match For TNA Tag Team Championships)

With Bobby Roode out of the company, I’ve waiting to see how Beer Money would drop the tag titles. I’ve been happy with the chemistry that all three members of Decay have with each other, so them being the new Tag Champions is fine with me. It took a little bit of time for this match to get to the big spots parts but it ended with few good ones. Roode ate a Chokeslam onto a pile of tacks and Abyss & Crazzy Steve both covered him for the win. See you later, Roode.

Mitch’s Rating: ***

Bram def. Eric Young (KOTM Championship)

Like Bobby Roode, Eric Young was another TNA title holder on the way out that I’ve been waiting to see drop their belt. I’m not really into the idea of Bram as a babyface champion but he’s capable in the ring. The King of the Mountain Championship hasn’t really become established at this point, so I guess it’s no big deal who carries it. It’s like the TNA version of the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship. Bram hit his Brighter Side of Suffering DDT off of the apron through a table to set up the winning pinfall. See you later, Eric.

Mitch’s Rating: **1/2

There was a Jeff Hardy in-ring promo segment that Reby Sky and Rockstar Spud interrupted. It came to blows and Jeff laid Spud out.

Mike Bennett def. Ethan Carter, III

I watched this match a couple of days after airing and am shocked that I wasn’t spoiled on the ending here. They did the old Million Dollar Dream rollup off the corner spot, with EC3 not letting go of the submission and suffering the pinfall because of it. Carter has officially suffered his first loss and it’s a little surprising that this wasn’t a slightly bigger deal. I’ve literally heard nothing about it beforehand. This should serve as a hearty endorsement of The Miracle Man. Perhaps he has a TNA Championship run on his horizons?

Mitch’s Rating: **3/4

Final Thoughts:

This was a decent episode of Impact. Many matches hit right around the *** star range, which is an enjoyable mark to be at. Tyrus performed well in the opening match and Bennett made some degree of history by being the first man to pin EC3. TNA’s stock is so low in the public’s eyes, and I’m attributing the lack of fanfare over the milestone to it. This is a wrestling company that has tons of great performers, it’s just that the mismanagement by the people in the top has soured too many people.

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