NXT 4/27/16 Results & Reactions

I thought that last week was the final bit of matches from the WrestleMania Axxess event in Dallas, but I guess this is the last one. Well, I hope it’s the last one. This crowd has been okay but not as animated as the usual Full Sail audience.

I’ll be a little briefer this time around with my reactions because I’m trying to still finish this on top of a way busier schedule from my day job. First up is a monumental mis-match for Eva Maria. Say a prayer for the lady in red…

Asuka def. Eva Maria

I was hoping for more drama like when Eva faced off against Bayley a few months back but this one was a little more tame. Eva’s passable in the ring and I wouldn’t say that she’s garbage, but there’s clearly a huge gap between her skills and Asuka’s. Nia Jax came out midway through the match as an enforcer type. I was hoping that she’d turn on Eva but it never happened. Asuka won with a stiff kick and I’ll reiterate that this felt like a way tamer version of the Bayley vs. Eva match.

Mitch’s Rating: **

Samoa Joe def. Finn Balor (Highlights – NXT Championship)

This was just a few clips of the event from Lowell, Massachusetts. New footage showed that Finn went for a double foot dive toward Joe against the barricade on the outside. He injured himself in the process, which directly led to Joe catching him in the Muscle Buster when Balor was on the top rope. Will this seemingly abrupt title change lead to an imminent main roster debut?

No rating at this point. If the entire match is released in full then I’ll offer one.

The Revival def. Matt Lee & Jeff Parker

Dash & Dawson had the biggest “botch” of TakeOver: Dallas and made a point to address this at one point during the match. This was one-sided because NXT knows how to effectively put on an enhancement match. They won via Shatter Machine.

Mitch’s Rating: **

The Hype Bros. def. Blake & Murphy

This was a decent bout, but nothing overly special. Zack Ryder tagged with Fandango on Main Event this week, which bums me out that WWE isn’t so eager to boost this act to the main roster. I’d forgive it if Ryder was up there because he was in a singles push but that isn’t the case. His WrestleMania Intercontinental Championship win seems like more and more of a fluke as time goes on. All of the good moves are performed, including the Hype Ryder for the win.

Mitch’s Rating: **1/2

Dawson & Wilder attacked The Hype Bros. post-match because they’re jerks.

Carmella def. Aliyah

I never watched Breaking Ground but many on social media were commending Aliyah by how much she’s improved. I liked what I saw. I’m bummed that Carmella isn’t on the main roster with Enzo & Cass but there is plenty for her to do in NXT, so it’s not the worst thing ever for her to stick around this brand for a while. She’s looking better and better on her own and has a much better shot of continuing on a career ascension where she’s at. Carmella did that submission thing she does in which she chokes out her opponent with her legs for the win.

Mitch’s Rating: **

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Elias Samson

I don’t mind Nakamura in NXT, I really don’t, but this seems like such a waste of such an amazing talent. Even the Tye Dillinger match from a week or two ago wasn’t too bad because Tye felt like he rose to the occasion and pulled out some funny interactions with Shinsuke with his Perfect 10 gimmick. Elias, however, was his always boring self. I don’t want to be super negative on the guy because he seems capable in the ring and he’s got a great build. It’s just that his character is boring. How does a lackadaisical drifter who’d rather be strumming a few acoustic riffs on his six string ever translate into something marketable in a wrestling ring? It doesn’t. Maybe if he started getting ticked off and whacked a few people with a guitar from time to time – but even then, people would probably criticize him for being too Jeff Jarrett-y. Nakamura is a superstar, but I feel dirty scoring a match of his this far below 2 stars. You did this to me, Elias Samson.

Mitch’s Rating: **1/2

Slow your roll? Nakamura insults are apparently awesome.

Final Thoughts:

I’m a little bitter that Nakamura isn’t main eventing main roster Pay-Per-Views at this point, so forgive my smark rage. I’ll be more optimistic and realize that, according to info my wife told me, we’re just a couple of months away from a Network Special from Japan. He’ll get a big match on that event. Maybe that’ll be a good time to do an NXT title challenge against Samoa Joe? THAT would be something to get excited about.

A lot of the show was just kind of there for me. I saw a bunch of decent matches but nothing too outstanding. I think when the roster is back in Florida there will be a renewed direction again. This is still a great show, I’m just kind of sick of the Texas setting. It feels too house show-y.

Check out other recent show reviews by me, including one for this week’s Raw and TNA. Did you know that EC3 took his first pinfall this week? Shocking, I tell you. I also picked out the 10 Best Questions From Christopher Daniel’s recent Reddit AMA. It was a fun look into his lengthy career.

That’s all from me. Follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Thanks for reading.


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