10 Best Insights From Lucha Underground’s Catrina’s Reddit AMA

Lucha Underground’s Catrina took to Reddit for their popular Ask Me Anything series. The lady with the lick of death talked about a wide range of topics, from face-licking to a small world animal story about “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. This is an interesting AMA, for sure.

Catrina’s real name is Karlee Perez, but she’ll remain as Catrina for the rest of this article. Questions by Reddit users are highlighted while Catrina’s quotes are blocked out. It should be a pretty easy format to follow along with.

10. Catrina’s Beginnings In Wrestling

jxshuabathers asked about Catrina’s start in this business..

I started my journey when I was 21-22 years old when I was offered a contract with the WWE, I was at the time working at the State Attorney's office, when I got there, that's when I fell in love with the business.

Catrina has experience in the legal field and apparently majored in criminology in college. It looks like she has a backup plan, but that probably won’t be necessary considering how well she’s doing in Lucha Underground.

9. Poor Morale On NXT Season 3

In its beginnings, NXT was a far different experience than its current incarnation. The reality show of that time little resembles the brand that it is today and few put the product and even the talents over. Even the commentators trashed the product, which had to be disheartening.

Reddit user stormeaglex1 asked about Catrina’s time in NXT…

I am not a huge fan of that time of NXT, I think was a lot of wasted talent in and out of there, and there was a lot of great talent that came out of there. I enjoyed my time with the girls in FCW because we'd spent many years together, but the show itself I was not a fan of.

8. No “Wrestling Rules” In Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground looks very different from the standpoint of the fans watching what’s being presented. But how is it for the workers? Is it a different experience than how other wrestling promotions are run? KingKongTaxiCompany inquired about this very topic…

It's very different. It's not ran the same... there's no so called 'wrestling rules' that LU goes by. You don't have to walk on eggshells around anybody and it's really a better work atmosphere to be in.

That’s good to hear. Respect to your peers and to the veterans is one thing, but the anecdotes that are heard about other locker rooms can be silly. Wrestlers have gotten heat because they failed to shake every hand upon arrival.


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