Ric Flair Says “Kill Yourself,” Natalya Plugs WWE Network (Video)

At this week’s Smackdown tapings, The Nature Boy” Ric Flair caused a little bit of controversy with Jim Neidhart’s daughter Bret Hart’s niece when he told her to kill herself. Natalya responded semi-appropriately with a comeback of asking him if he knew about the WWE Network. The video of the exchange is beginning to make the rounds on social media…

Is this something that Ric needs to put on blast over? I don’t think so, but it is good that it’s opening up discussion. Kids who watch might be tempted to repeat this phrase to their peers. If WWE doesn’t have a stated policy on this language then maybe it’s time to inform their on-air talent that this is unacceptable.

It’d be disappointing if Flair was suspended over these comments when all WWE needs to do is edit them out of theTV broadcast. Even if they kept the comments in, as long as the commentary team responded with remarks about how terrible Ric’s words were, then that would probably be fine.

Have any thoughts on Ric Flair telling Natalya to “Kill Yourself?” If so, comment below.


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