10 Best Questions From Christopher Daniel’s Reddit AMA

Long-time professional wrestling veteran Christopher Daniels took to Reddit yesterday (April 26th, 2016) to participate in their popular Ask Me Anything interview forum. Chris fielded all sorts of questions over the course of an hour, from working with Jerry Lynn in WWE in 2001 to how his and Kazarian’s variation on The Young Buck’s Meltzer Driver came about. There’s a ton of insight into his lengthy pro wrestling career.

I’ve sifted through the question and answer event and highlighted what I think are 10 of the more interesting interactions. Daniels’ quotes are in grey-ish boxes, which should be easy to figure out as you click through this list.

Before getting started, check out this cool comic project that Daniels is involved in. This anthology to wrestling is “a book that is equal parts love letter to, and examination of, the world of professional wrestling.” Sounds cool. Give Chris some support on the Kickstarter for this after you read this AMA roundup.

10. Dream WWE Opponents

When it comes to fantasy booking Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, The Addiction, there are a few WWE acts that they’d likely work very well against. Reddit user megatron83 asked Chris who e’d like to work with if he had the chance in Vince McMahon’s company…

I definitely think that Enzo and Cass would be people Frankie and I could work well with; I'd love to get to work with the New Day - I've worked with Xavier in the past and feel that Kofi and Big E are people we would really click with.

The Addiction vs. New Day. The Addiction vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady. Daniels picked two of the hottest acts in WWE – also two of the funniest. It’s a shame that these matchups will remain merely hypotheticals for the time being.

9. Life After Wrestling

Reddit user 2nahc asked Daniels about his plans after wrestling, something that Chris hasn’t fully ironed out yet…

I don't have anything 100% planned out yet; I would like to be behind the scenes at ROH and I would like to do commentary. I have recently started doing stunt work in Southern California and I am not sure which percentage of what is going to be my life when wrestling is done.

Chris seems like a perfect fit for a commentary role. The man is blessed with the gift of gab, for sure. Regardless of what he does after wrestling, let’s hope that he still has many good years ahead of him.

8. His Ultimate Opponent

Reddit user josethebassist inquired about who Chris thinks is the among the best among the talent he’s faced in his career…

Hey Chris! Who would you say is your ultimate opponent? As in someone who you enjoy wrestling every time you get a chance to have a match with them?

Well, it's sort of different now... over my whole career I'd have to say AJ Styles, but at this point in my career, I'd have to say The Young Bucks. Now that I am focusing on the tag team, they've been the ones I've worked with most and had the most fun with.

I’m partial to those early bouts in Ring of Honor with guys like AJ Styles, but he has also been a big player in the modern indie tag team scene. Along with The Young Bucks, independent tag team wrestling has been quite a lot of fun over the past few years.


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