Lucha Underground 4/20/16 Results & Reactions

It’s Wednesday night and I’ve already watched and reviewed NXT, so check that out. I’ve got a lot of shows to get through. One thing different I’m adding to these Reactions is match ratings – I always liked seeing how other writers rated matches so I’ll start offering my personal ratings as well. I won’t necessarily comment on every backstage segment but I will hit all of the matches and stuff I think is important enough.

Dario Makes Matches – Good Ones

After a brief recap of the fantastic Trios Match last week, Dario has Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago in his office in an attempt to setup a final team for the Tournament. Dario brought up the fact that this very same combination couldn’t get along last year and lost in the first round, so instead Fenix will team up with Jack Evans & PJ Black as a Trios team. Fenix and Aerostar will compete against each other for a Gift of the Gods medallion. That’s an exciting setup for this show.

Aerostar def. Drago (Gift Of The Gods Medallion Match)

There was a very nasty looking botch by Aerostar a couple of minutes into this. He tried to do a springboard attack to Drago outside of the ring but got slipped up and fell to the ring below. He seemed alright but it hurt the flow of the match for a minute. To these guys’ credit they didn’t seem to have much trouble at all getting this contest back on track.

I feel like the best highlights came from Aerostar here. He did a dive outside of the ring pretty much just like ACH in Ring of Honor does – the one where he springboards off of the second rope inside of the ring as he leaping out of the ring. Aerostar also did a sick springboard into a Codebreaker inside of the ring that more than likely will make a certain highlight list of .gifs that compile every week.

Aerostar won, proving that his 1,000-year bypass of the space-time continuum was a good decision.

Mitch’s Rating: ***1/4

Johnny Mundo sent Tayo to Dario Cueto to ask for a Medallion, but she told him that he has to work for it in a match. Next week, Mundo faces off against Cage inside a Steel Cage for a Gift of the Gods Medallion. Mundo seemed worried. That should be a fantastic match.

Fenix, Jack Evans, & PJ Black def. Disciples of Death

Jack Evans has some of the best banter in all of professional wrestling. It’s up there with Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin, no joke. From his refusal to get tagged in at the beginning by PJ Black because he was “doing so good” to Jack making Fenix watch as he showed him how it’s done with a high risk move, the guy is hilarious to listen to.

In addition to Jack’s banter, this was about as good of a Trios match as you could get. Well, not as good as last week, but still really, really good. There was a handstand Springboard Spanish Fly by Fenix and a Matrix-style attack dodge by Jack Evans that he followed up with a Pele Kick. It really wouldn’t do this match justice to try and call all of the big spots because there were so many. In the end, Fenix’s team upset last year’s tournament winners and Catrina did not look pleased.

Mitch’s Rating: ***1/2

The current Trios Champions were in Dario’s office. He told them that they are actually in the Trios Tournament, which they weren’t happy about. To be fair, Dario told them that they’d have bye straight to the finals. Since the tournament was to crown the number one contender, that actually is fair. It pretty still functions the same way for Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico.

The Disciples of Death failed in their match and Catrina scolded them backstage. She asked for a reason why she shouldn’t destroy them all so the purple skull-faced guy RIPPED OUT THE HEARTS OF HIS TWO PARTNERS. Wow, that was crazy. It also got a smile out of Catrina, that sick, sick, woman.

Matanza Wrestled Mil Muertes To A No Contest (Lucha Underground Championship)

This bout had a big fight feel going into it. These two are monsters and it’s hard to imagine that one of them would lose to anybody, even each other. Well, no one did lose because they battled all the way to the top of Dario Cueto’s office. Mil hit a Flatliner onto Matanza, causing both of them to crash through the ceiling of it. That impact was the last of both of them for this episode. The ref ended the match there with no winner.

It was clear that this match was built for that one spot, which was a good decision. There was some involvement by both Catrina and Dario along the way to keep things interesting, which helped fill in the gaps. Someone’s going to have to lay down for someone, though. That’s a hard scenario to imagine.

Mitch’s Rating: ***1/4

Maria, the lady who’s in charge of the undercover police sting in Lucha Underground, is seen in her princt office looking an interesting wall full of wrestlers no longer on the show. In canon, Bael is Deceased and many wrestlers are Missing including Hernandez, Big Rick, and Alberto El Patron. A Councilman enters her office and tells her she needs to drop the case against Dario Cueto. He insinuates that he works for a more nefarious higher power, which will be fun to find out more about as the show goes on.

Final Thoughts:

So, the big thing that’ll keep everyone talking is that fact that one undead-ish wrestler ripped out the hearts of both of this equally undead-ish Trios partners. I guess the one remaining Disciple will absorb the lifeforce of the two he destroyed to become a super singles competitor now. Lucha Underground is awesome.

The Trios match was my favorite match of the night and the opener for the Gift of the Gods Medallion as well as the LU Championship main event weren’t too far behind it. This promotion knows how to tell stories in a unique way that still feels like a wrestling show. They take chances and almost always work.






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