TNA Impact 4/12/16 Reactions

More show reviews from me…well, more reactions than anything. I’m not giving tons of detail with play-by-play here,just mainly my opinions on all of the happenings.

To complete the trifecta for the day (along with Lucha Underground and NXT), I’m catching up on TNA Impact for the week. I’m unique in the sense that I just started watching TNA regularly about a year or so ago. That’s right, by the time that most everyone had checked out on Dixie and company, I became a faithful regular. Truthfully, it’s not a bad show. It’s not NXT good or anything, but it’s still worth the time investment every week.

Enough banter, here are my thoughts on this week’s show. Like usual, I used Twitter to spice up my article here…

The Hardy Brand Or Something

I have a hard time getting into Matt versus Jeff rivalries. They’re great together and I like them as singles but I really don’t buy them feuding with each other. Matt thinks Jeff is sullying his last name and Jeff called Matt’s wife a dirty word. They tried and I hope their one-on-one match next week delivers. If Jeff loses next week then he can no longer use his last name. I have a feeling that even if he loses, that’s a stipulation that won’t stick for very long.

Champions Beer Money defeated The Decay, The BroMans and Eric Young & Bram (Superkick by Storm to Young, Pinfall)

This felt pretty convoluted as it came together but ended up being a pretty good match. James Storm used his Boozer Cruiser to cause a micro version of a car crash against Bram and Jessie Godderz pulled off a few impressive high spots, including a standing hurricanrana to Crazzy Steve (who was seated on top of the corner turnbuckle).

Beer Money retained and I’m waiting for them to drop the title. With two of the people in this match out of the company, including half of the TNA Tag Team Champions, I’m guessing that a shakeup in the tag division will be coming soon.

Promo Stuff

A tag match was set up between Matt Hardy & Tyrus versus Jeff Hardy & a partner of his choice. Winner gets to pick the stipulation for the Hardy vs. Hardy match next week.

Maria started to ask Jade for the Knockouts Championship, but then everything got super confusing as more and more women poured into the ring. Billy Corgan finally came out to tell Jade that despite all her rage she’s still just a rat in a cage there will be a match between Madison and Jade tonight as well as some big match next week with all of the ladies. This one was hard to follow.

EC3 talked to the camera about how Michael Bennett is a talent but not a deity. I was leery about babyface Ethan Carter a few months back before his turn but he’s kept it good by being a more serious version of himself. He plays both sides of the aisle well. Carter and Bennett face later in the show.

Shane Helms is in the ring with the X-Division Champion saying that nobody in the back has the balls to take on Trevor Lee. DJ Z came out to prove that sentiment wrong.

DJ Z def. Trevor Lee (Inside Cradle)

Good for DJ Z. Shane Helms wailed on Z after the match because of the upset win and Eddie Edwards came out to make the save. I haven’t been blown away be the current state of the X-Division but the it’s occupied by some incredibly talented dudes. I’m sure it’ll really grab me at some point.

There’s a backstage promo by Mike Bennett that I didn’t pay much attention to. Next, Drew Galloway volunteered to be Jeff Hardy’s partner later in the night. Drew’s the man – I’ll take that.

Michael Bennett def. EC3 (Carter DQ’d himself by using a chair)

This was a good match in which Maria played a big part by spoiling a few opportunities for Ethan to win. I think Mike & Maria utilize their advantage well. Carter became frustrated and finally just wailed on The Miracle with a steel chair to end the match.

Earl Hebner also took an inadvertent smack to his face with the chair. It didn’t look like anything serious and he really was only tapped with it, but he sold it big by flopping over the ropes onto the outer apron. Hebner got back in the game and finished the match because he’s a champ like that.

Al Snow Apologizes-ish

Shera was in rage mode and was very much an over actor. Al Snow was the heel who tried to swerve to make everyone think he was saying sorry and he was pretty awesome at it. He talked about how long he’s been in this business and the hazing level of dues he paid in the beginning and got sympathy from the crowd for it. Snow had to even tell them to stop cheering. Of course, he beat the tar out of Shera when it was all over.

Al Snow has become an A-plus heel. The cameras caught up with him a few minutes later backstage and he called Grado a fat turd. Seriously, Al Snow was on another level here. Kudos to him.

Jade def. Madison Rayne (STO, Pinfall)

The title was on the line here as it will be next week when pretty much all of the Knockouts compete for Jade’s belt. It was announced during this contest that the match next week will be a ladder match. Cool.

Matt Hardy & Tyrus def. Jeff Hardy & Drew Galloway (Hammer Strike, Pinfall)

With Matt’s pin of Jeff here, Matt got to pick the stipulation for their singles match next week. Matt chose a Last Man Standing Match. If Jeff won, it would’ve been a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Since the Knockouts are already doing a Ladder Match it’s probably better that Matt picked the stipulation.

Matt’s wife is the one who snuck him the hammer that he used to nail Jeff with when the ref wasn’t looking. My wife saw this clip before I did because she’s in some mommy Facebook group with Reby Hardy and she shared it among those maternal buds before i watched Impact. My wife told me that she recognized the brand of cloth diapers that fell out of Reby’s bag as she dug for the hammer, making that side of the Hardy clan forever babyfaces among a certain segment of the female population.

Bobby Lashley came out after the match was over and gave three spears to Drew Galloway. One of those spears was outside the ring against the steel steps. I guess they’ll be battling it out soon. If any other TNA wrestlers want a title shot then take out the announce team. If you beat The Pope or Josh Matthews then that’s a clear shot at Drew Galloway.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t mind Impact and I don’t let all the news about them cloud my enjoyment of the product, but it really is bland a lot of the times. Contrasted against other shows like NXT and Lucha Underground and it’s hard to keep my attention as strongly. Still, with Drew Galloway holding their title and the current crop of challengers for the X-Division Title (among other things), I’m feel like I have reasons to keep tuning in.

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