Lucha Underground 4/13/16 Reactions

In an attempt to write way more wrestling stuff and utilize my personal blog more, here are my reactions to last night’s episode of Lucha Underground. I might not cover all of the backstage stuff and I definitely won’t do a detailed synopsis of every match, but I’ll do my best to offer clever quips to the major happenings.

Lucha Underground puts quite a lot of good stuff on Twitter, so I’ve utilized a bunch of their posts to add some flair to my reactions. Let’s dive on in…

Dario Cueto Forms A Trios Team

Cage, Johnny Mundo, and Taya are forced to tag together in the Trios Tournament even though they’ve busted each other’s heads through cinderblocks and windows. I personally love the Cage feud with these two so I’m down with all of this.

Killshot def. Argenis (Cradle Driver or whatever he calls his finisher, Pinfall)

Killshot has been given a pretty intriguing backstory about being a former military sniper who escaped some sort of extended middle eastern POW captivity prior to his current stint of lucha libre on the El Rey Network. That’s pretty normal, right? This personal information has bled into his attire as he’s now decked out in camouflage. I like what they’re giving to him to work with. I don’t remember too much from this other than a cool high jump dive from Killshot from inside the ring to the outside and a top rope armdrag by Argenis.

Texano def. Daga for a Gift of the Gods Medallion (Sitout Powerbomb, Pinfall)

There was a backstage segment just before this in which the debuting Daga was in Dario’s office. Dario set up the fact that this would be the first round of the new Gift of the Gods matches. I liked the match that went on here, which is strange for me because I don’t often find myself liking Texano matches. He’s seems a little slow for this environment.

Both guys are super muscular. Texano is more beefy while Daga is ripped in more of a Neville kind of way. The announcers pointed out that these guys used to tag together which is probably why they clicked so much. It’s a little strange that Daga would lose in his first match but this is the same treatment that PJ Black got at the beginning of this season. I don’t get it, but whatever – this is still a great wrestling show.

Candle Fun With Mil Muertes

Mil apparently shops at Yankee Candle Company because he was hanging out with quite a lot of them. It was probably a fire hazard. Next week, Mil challenges Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship. They had a fun but brief encounter at the end of last week’s episode. They should have a fun hoss match that I don’t anticipate Matanza losing.

Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio, & Dragon Azteca, Jr. def. Cage, Johnny Mundo, & Taya (630 Splash, Pinfall)

This is one of those matches where if you missed it, go back and watch it. It was so much fun and the final few minutes were off the charts good. Some of the highlights include: Rey Mysterio performing a drop toe hold against Taya, causing her head to drive full force into the below-the-belt region of Mundo; Dragon Azteca nailing a hurricanrana onto Mundo who happened to be in an electric chair setup on Prince Puma’s shoulders while Puma was elevated in the corner(!); and Cage performed a double fallaway slam onto Puma and Azteca. That dude is strong.

Ultimately, Cage and his two partners couldn’t work together and we got a 4-ish star match in the process. Not too shabby. I can’t wait to see more from Puma, Mysterio, and Azteca. They worked so good together and really know how to string an exciting sequence of moves together.

Also, check out this sweet “Tag” between Cage and his “partner” Johnny Mundo. Haha, that counts, I guess…

Final Thoughts:

There was a cinematic piece in which Dario was talking to his champion/monster/murderer/brother behind a cage because that’s what he does for his violent sibling. The match next week should be great. I always like a match between two big men that people actually care about and this is that kind of deal.

I would go out on a limb and say that the Fenix/Mil Muertes as well as the Aztec Warfare matches from earlier in the season were pretty close to the 5 star range, so tonight’s main event was hardly the best Lucha Underground match of the year or anything. Still, it’ll go down as one of the best matches of the week, so if you’re looking to catch up on stuff you’ve missed out on at least watch this main event.

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