Lucha Underground Rumor: Will Rey Mysterio Sign?

On Monday September 21st, Lucha Underground took to social media to inform their legion of fans that Season 2 has been confirmed. A followup to the 39 episode Season 1 has been in doubt due to the extremely high production costs of $400,000 per episode, but reduced expenditures and fewer episodes have been accounted for to make the new season a reality.
To add to the excitement of the new episodes, Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting (via Lords of Pain) that Rey Mysterio is expected to be announced as one of the lead wrestlers signed for the upcoming season. Mysterio was one of the cornerstones of the cruiserweight explosion in WCW in the 1990s. He later went on to WWE to become a two time World Heavyweight Champion as well a one time WWE Champion.
Mysterio has also received a 2007 Hall of Fame induction into Mexico’s AAA promotion, as well as previously winning several of their championships. Both AAA and El Rey Network have been two of the biggest driving forces behind Lucha Underground so Mysterio would not be a stranger to their audience.
Mysterio is a legend not only of the lucha libre style but also to the mainstream professional wrestling audience. He would be Lucha Underground’s biggest signing by far and would inject a huge boost of interest into the 2016 season. It should be noted that Lucha Underground has not confirmed Rey’s signing at this point. Rey’s wrestling future is wide open at this point, leaving even a return to WWE on the table.
With newly crowned heel Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes at the Season 1 ending Ultima Lucha event, a feud with babyface Rey Mysterio would be a top tier marquee matchup.
Another wrestler expected to have bigger role in the upcoming season is the eccentric Marty the Moth. The former Martin Casaus was a past WWE Tough Enough competitor and was mostly seen in Season 1 in more of a humorous role. Although, Ultima Lucha did end with a dark cinematic sequence in which he appeared to have kidnapped Sexy Star.
Lucha Underground’s fans are excited of the new season confirmation and the rumors of a potential Mysterio signing only add to that excitement. It’s still uncertain when in 2016 that the new episodes will air but Rey or no Rey, they’re coming.

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