The Brothers Of Destruction (Kane And The Undertaker) Are Returning

The Undertaker has returned to WWE programming during the non-WrestleMania part of the year for 2015. On-screen, he’s been waging a war against the man who conquered The Streak, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar lost at their SummerSlam encounter due to some shenanigans but will have his shot at revenge when the two collide inside Hell in a Cell at the upcoming eponymous event.

WWE fans in Mexico will also be treated to a few matches by the Deadman as he is scheduled for live events on Friday, October 16th from Merida, Saturday the 17th in Mexico City and Sunday the 18th from Monterrey. Undertaker will be joined by his on-screen brother, Kane, as the two former Tag Team Champions square off against The Wyatt Family. It appears that Luke Harper and Braun Strowman will be representing their stable in these three matches in this series.

Kane and The Undertaker have reigned as Tag Team Champions on three occasions. Two of those reigns were with the then-WWF Tag Team Titles and one reign was with the WCW Tag Team Titles. The last time they teamed together was on an April 22, 2013 episode of Raw when they fought alongside Daniel Bryan against The Shield.

This should be a fun nostalgia act for the WWE fans in Mexico. I was hoping that WWE would make one of these Mexico shows a live WWE Network special but with the Madison Square Garden Event, the next NXT TakeOver, and Hell in a Cell in October, they probably don’t need another live event. There’s definitely a point when a company is overloading their fans with content and WWE is already at that line anyway.

Even though WWE doesn’t plan on broadcasting this live, hopefully they record at least one of these matches. If they couple it with one or two other bouts from the Mexico tour then they can offer that as a one-hour special on a month that NXT isn’t running. Not every new wrestling show has to be live and this is a case where they could hold onto these matches for a month or two. It would still be something to tune in for.


3 thoughts on “The Brothers Of Destruction (Kane And The Undertaker) Are Returning”

      1. I can buy him as a face, simply due to all the slimy crap Rollins put him through. Since Rollins is still Mr. Cheap’n’sneak at the moment, I’d not mind if Rollins wins clean against Demon Kane – But a bit of me would… Actually kind of like this to be Kanes last proper run. It feels like a good time, too, since Undertaker is back and all.

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