“Leapin” Lanny Poffo Lampoons President Obama

I don’t typically talk about politics on this website. This site is about pro-wrestling exclusively and it’s probably better that it stays that way. But then the brother of WWE Hall of Famer “Macho Man” Randy Savage had to go and rhyme his thoughts about the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. Comments are now warranted.

Poffo is less than flattering towards the leader of the free world and repeatedly bashes him for a several year old gaffe on Jay Leno’s Tonight show that put him briefly in hot water with those with special needs and their families. Here’s the video in it’s entirety…

It’s hard to offer any real commentary on this video because of its presentation. He offers his thoughts entirely in poetry, committing to the “Genius” gimmick that he portrayed decades ago in the then-WWF. If you’re currently a fan of Obama and his policies, this will not likely rile you up too much. And if you’re already critical of the current US President, then this will hardly be a rallying cry or a call to action.

Even though I’m not blown away by what Poffo is doing here, he totally should continue to drop videos like this. Considering how much attention former stars like The Iron Sheik and now Virgil receive on social media for simply being lunatics, maybe Lanny can also find some shred of political relevance via these schticky videos. It couldn’t hurt.


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