Lucha Underground Returns For Season 2 Because Sometimes Life Is Good Like That

Uncertainty over whether or not the fantastic Lucha Underground promotion would be returning for a second season on the El Rey Network has finally ended. The news broke yesterday that there will be another season, which makes me and scores of other wrestling fans rejoice.

Lucha Underground sought to be a truly original wrestling promotion and overwhelmingly succeeded. Not only was the in-ring action highly competitive, but the character development and backstage segments were groundbreaking for a wrestling show.

The Mark Burnett produced show felt at times more like a drama from the A&E Network, even embracing supernatural elements. This is an era of professional wrestling where there are no smoke and mirrors about the fact that these are entertainers putting on a show. Lucha Underground embraced the entertainment side of the industry in a way that pushed boundaries but didn’t insult the intelligence of the viewer.

Now that a second season is definitely happening, speculation can begin for what’s in store next. Who will challenge the new LU Champion Mil Muertes? What’s in store for Vampiro and his protégé, Pentagon Jr.? Will Fenix use his Gift of the Gods Championship for an LU Title shot?

There’s so much to look forward to now that LU is back. I look forward to adding this hour of programming back into my weekly viewing routine.


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