Quick Thoughts On The Three Title Wins At WWE Night Of Champions 2015

Three out of the five titles that were on the line at Night of Champions changed hands. All three winners can be viewed as positive changes for their prestigious titles. Here are a few quick thoughts about the US Championship, the Diva’s Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship.

John Cena Regains His US Championship

Looking back at 2015 so far, one of the bright spots of WWE programming will no doubt be the season of John Cena US Open Challenges on Raw. Since having that mid-card title, it’s become one of the most well-defended belts in all of wrestling. It felt like many NXT alums would go the route of a lengthy US Championship match against Cena on Raw as a way of being properly introduced to the main roster. Even though they were almost always losers to Cena, it’s hard to argue that they weren’t better off for it.

Now that Cena has regained his title, I look forward to him resuming the US Open Challenge matchups. Having the belt off of him for a month not only raised the prestige of the title even more by having it paired alongside the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but it also gave the WWE Universe a chance to take a break from the regularity of defenses. This clearly turned out to be a case of absence making the heart grow fonder.

Charlotte Defeats Nikki Bella To Win Diva’s Championship

A big sigh of relief could be heard in the WWE Universe when Nikki finally broke AJ Lee’s record of longest reign for the Diva’s title. That was the goal of McMahon and Co. and any other competition had to take a back seat to breaking that one record. Once that task was crossed off of the to-do list, Charlotte won the belt about as quickly as she could have.

The match that Nikki lost her belt in was a pretty darn good match. She proved that she can be a dominant force in the ring, even against the imposing Charlotte. She brutalized Charlotte’s leg, targeting the very appendages she uses for his signature submission move.

Even though Sasha Banks has an IronWoman match on NXT to prepare for in the coming weeks, I’m salivating at the thought that she too can be moved into the Diva’s Title picture opposite of Charlotte in the near future. Even the obvious heel turn of Paige is an exciting matchup. Now that Bella doesn’t have to be champ for the purpose of erasing Mrs. CM Punk’s name from the top of the record books, the options are wide open.

Kevin Owens Wins Intercontinental Championship

As a personal mark for The Big Guy, it’s bittersweet to see him drop the Intercontinental Championship. He generally gets a good babyface pop in most arenas and is an overall marketable guy. I saw the writing on the wall that Owens was going to win the strap but sort of hoped that they dragged it out for a few months. Oh well, a Kevin Owens IC Title run is not a bad thing; in fact, it’s a very good thing. (Hi, DDP.)

Owens is still a hot commodity in WWE and has tons of heat that any babyface would love to work opposite of. The IC Championship is seemingly the one belt that hasn’t had the chance to get elevated in 2015 due to an unplanned Daniel Bryan injury, but it’s in great hands now.

Owens has had about as good of a first year into WWE as anyone could have been planned. His run with the NXT title was exciting and then his feud with John Cena will probably go down as WWE’s feud of the year. He’s great in the ring so this a great pairing between him and his new title.

Final Thoughts

This was a tad longer than I planned but I guess I’m just excited about the direction of WWE right now. Sure, there’s negatives if you want to dwell on them but with John Cena, Charlotte, and Kevin Owens carrying three of the gold belts in this company, those are some pretty big positives.

If you want to check out some fun .gif analysis of last night’s Night of Champions event, head on over to WhatCulture.com and click through my latest article, 16 Most Insane Spots From WWE Night Of Champions 2015. It’s got a ton of wild spots that you’ll want to see!


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