Please Fans, Stop Jumping In The Ring With The Shield

At last night’s Night of Champions event from Houston, Texas, an incredibly stupid fan jumped into the ring and stood beside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns while they awaited the reveal of their mystery opponent. The wrestlers in the ring didn’t appear worried and casually snickered while security tackled the guy to the ground. Bray Wyatt even could be heard asking his opponents if the fan was one of theirs.

WWE issued this statement following what was one of many recent attempts by fans jumping the barricade… “WWE takes the safety of our performers very seriously and any fan entering the ring area will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Current performers seem smart enough to not choose to attack the fans the second they get near. That’s wise in this lawsuit-happy age that we live in. But considering the frequency of morons lately, maybe fans could use a few stiff punches to remind them that they aren’t part of the show.

Thankfully, every recent fan who’s gotten involved with the action either had no intention of physically engaging the wrestlers or were at least taken out by security before it got to that point. But who’s to say that the next fan to enter the ring isn’t looking for a fight? Or even worse, what if one is carrying a weapon?

Roman and Dean could’ve really won over the fans if they decked the guy who tried to take Jericho’s surprise spot. One good shot is all in the name of self-defense so surely they would avoid legal trouble, right? As a fan myself, I’m just a little sick of these occurrences happening over and over.

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3 thoughts on “Please Fans, Stop Jumping In The Ring With The Shield”

  1. I chuckled with them! Bray seemed to love it and security was really effective when there… But there is an issue: will WWE have to take more drastic actions with regards to the staging areas because of these wall hoppers? Hopefully not.

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    1. They used to let the talent take care of them, but it’s probably not wise to go back to that era. It’s funny, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time until something thinks they can fight with their favorite or most hated wrestler.

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      1. It is indeed getting that way, which is quite scary to think about. I literally just released an article where I say that wrestlers are amongst the toughest people on the planet… The repercussions would be harrowing.


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