WWE News Breakdown: Talent Warned That Hulk Hogan Must Remain Excommunicated

Not only is Hulk Hogan no longer enjoying any physical ties with his former employer, apparently all current talent is now being warned to keep as far away from the wrestling icon as possible. This even includes the less visible stars such as those on Legends contracts, according to recent reports by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The problem with this current policy is that there apparently are many who believe this is a double standard. The Ultimate Warrior is one example of a former WWE Superstar who’s been in very controversial standing with his former employer only to be brought back without any apology or wrongdoing admitted.

Hulk Hogan still has a ton of negative PR to weather and it won’t be going away any time soon. The best course of action for him would be to simply disappear for about a year or so. He should find some charitable and community outreach programs to get involved alongside, without inviting media in. Eventually, the public will catch wind of the Hulkster again and might be ready to see if he’s matured beyond the man who said such vile things on a leaked sex tape.

WWE is a company in the midst of a way more sensitive cultural landscape than in previous generations, not that that’s a bad thing. Racist remarks are terrible and they absolutely should punish employees who say them. But considering that the news going around is that even Legends are to have no contact whatsoever with Hulk- that’s just unenforceable.

I can understand directions of not making public appearances with him at this moment but it’s not like there aren’t wrestlers that are never going to call or text Hulk Hogan ever. He’s not going to stop existing now just because WWE chooses to believe so.


2 thoughts on “WWE News Breakdown: Talent Warned That Hulk Hogan Must Remain Excommunicated”

  1. As a person whom is searching for info on this wrestler, i must say that this blog is written poorly. I had a hard time trying to follow the statements that were made, as they were very vague, heavily opinionated , and didn’t explain the situation adequately enough for me to know exactly why he is under scrutiny (apparently a sex tape/ racism?)

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