Interview Recap: Triple H Is A Roman Reigns Dream Opponent

Speaking at a Q&A Session at Wizard World Comic Con in San Jose, CA, Roman Reigns fielded a few interesting questions. One of which was who he thought would be a dream opponent for him. He offered two very interesting names:

“I’ve been in a couple of tag matches against Triple H. I would love to have a singles match with him. Let’s go completely different ends of the spectrum. I’ll fight Triple H or Kevin Owens.”

He was also asked about the possibility of facing The Rock one day, to which he said the following:

“I think it would have to be a very big match, not just a regular match. There would have to be a title, something that we are trying to win. That way you have true competition, not just between each other, but for something. And I think the WWE Championship would be the best thing to put that on the line for.”

All three would be fantastic opponents, but my pick between all of them would be Triple H. Especially if the match got physical and Hunter brought out the sledgehammer. Roman always had trouble connecting with the audience in the babyface way that WWE always hoped and an evil Triple H could bring out the best in him.

Or maybe they try another direction. Perhaps a heel turn on cousin Rocky could set up not only an intriguing character development for Roman, but also a big-money matchup. Regardless, I hope that he gets the chance to fight against all of these guys at some point in a big way in his singles career. He’s still a young worker with plenty of room to grow so I’m optimistic that he can make these opportunities successful if he gets the chance.


3 thoughts on “Interview Recap: Triple H Is A Roman Reigns Dream Opponent”

  1. I would love to see him go against a man like Triple H. It’d be a proper sluggerfest! Kevin Owens would be intriguing, but KO would need to fight for a price. Triple H vs Seth, Triple H vs Roman and Triple H vs Ambrose would be fun matches to watch – Yes: I said all three members of The Shield 🙂

    Great post!

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