Match of the Week: Kevin Owens vs. Adrian Neville

Welcome back to your weekly dose of getting told what is the absolute best match of the past week. Just like last week I am not only picking a bout from NXT but I am also picking one that features Adrian Neville. Pardon the deja vu. The Man That Gravity Forgot lost to Finn Balor in the finals of NXT’s Number 1 Contender tournament and then faced off against current champion Kevin Owens a mere seven days later. Would he rebound with a win? No, no he would not.

Despite losing two weeks in a row, we fans have been treated to a couple of outstanding matches by the former NXT Champion. Don’t forget that he’s also put in the effort to put over Sami Zayn in equally fantastic matches not very long ago. Neville may be in his final run of losing to the remaining talent before his (hopefully soon) jump to the main roster.

Neville challenged Owens in a non-title bout. William Regal explained in the show opening that he didn’t earn a shot at the belt but he did earn a right to a match since Owens sent him to the hospital several weeks back. During the match, Neville executed a highly impressive spot when he pulled off a dealift German Suplexed on Owens. He went just slow enough on the delivery of it to make it seem like it was one of the mightiest feats of strength any man could achieve.

There were several other memorable spots by Adrian, including a 450 Splash TO THE FLOOR and a sick looking Reverse Hurricanrana. Actually, all Reverse Hurricanranas look sick…surely that move has broken some necks. Despite the incredible effort by Neville, Kevin Owens finally upended him with a Pop Up Powerbomb and it looked nasty. This was a fantastic match to be included in the early chapters of Owens’ NXT career. He’s definitely being given some big opportunities at this point in his career and his peers are helping him capitalize on what he’s been given.

Do yourself a favor and check this match out along with the entire NXT show this week. It also included Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillians, Sasha Banks vs. Blue Pants, and the return of Rhyno.

I’d point out some Honorable Mentions now but not much really wowed me this week. Raw and Lucha Underground had some decent moments but nothing near as good as what NXT is doing right now. I assume that something from WWE Fast Lane should take the title of best match next week but I wouldn’t count NXT out.

What did you think of my Match of the Week this week? If there’s better wrestling that I’m not watching let me know either in the Comments below or shoot me a message on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Take care.


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