Cross Your Fingers For Samoa Joe in WWE

Yesterday, Samoa Joe gave us one of the most buzz-inducing Tweets that the wrestling world has seen as of late…

Reports online have stated that Joe’s contract has simply expired and the two sides chose not to renew. There’s no bad blood; TNA apparently didn’t offer him what he wanted and that’s all there is to it. The natural question to ask at this point is if Joe has any chance of ending up in WWE? One very influential Advocate seems to be stirring the pot in that direction…

Also, it’s important to note that for a very short while in 2014, Triple H followed Samoa Joe on Twitter. (WrestlingInc) To have private discussions with an individual through Twitter you must follow them. And since Triple H typically doesn’t follow more than 20 users at a time the Samoa Joe follow stood out.

Will Samoa Joe find his way to WWE? Even more enticing, can we get a solid NXT run out of him? I’m certainly hoping so. Even though Samoa Joe is 35 has been a pro-wrestler for years, he still could have a fairly lengthy career ahead of him. He should easily be a solid investment for whatever company is lucky to have him on their roster.

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