Match of the Week: Adrian Neville vs. Finn Balor

Once again, it’s time to look back at my absolute favorite wrestling match of the past week. NXT put on another big event this week so you know I’m picking a match from that card. While the Zayn/Owens main event and the Women’s 4-way matches were both exceptional bouts, I’m going with the finals of the No. 1 Contender Tournament as my top match.

Finn Balor deserves a push for his entrance alone. Personally, I love how the music is synced up with the lights so we get this over the top moment of Finn posing with spotlights sweeping across the arena. And that body paint; it’s all SO good.

The match was a little slow in the beginning but that’s just due to proper pacing by Neville and Balor. The match was over 13 minutes long and they made sure that the last 4 or 5 minutes were worth the crescendo. The inside cradle by Balor after lifting his knees to block Neville’s Red Arrow was an incredible nearfall. Excitement and athleticism really reached a boiling point during this one. Go find this match and watch two of the best wrestlers on the planet compete.

Here’s some other praise I found for this match across the internet…

“They had a great match, at a different level of any WWE match since the three-way at the Rumble.”
– – Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer)

“It was fantastic work for two amazing competitors.”
– – Brandon Lasher (TJR Wrestling)

“This was so much fun and the timing was great as it never felt long or over stayed its welcome.”
– – Larry Csonka (411Mania)

Honorable mentions include the other two big matches from the Rival card (Zayn/Owens and the Women’s 4-way). Sin Cara and Cesaro also had a very above average match on Main Event that’s worth checking out.

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