NXT Rival Predictions

Tonight on the WWE Network is the next installment in NXT’s spectacular series of Takeover events. Rival is stacked with a mostly loaded card and a couple of matches that should be phenomenal. What are my thoughts on the event? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey
(No DQ)

This is the only match on the card that I don’t really care about. Baron Corbin is huge and brought quite the presence to his recent match with Adrian Neville. I’m interested to see how he’ll eventually perform with stronger workers but I have zero desire to see this match with Dempsey. Hopefully it’s short.

Mitch’s Pick: Baron Corbin

Finn Balor vs. Adrian Neville
(Number 1 Contender’s Match)

This and the main event could be match of the year contenders. Both guys are beasts in the ring and I’m hoping that Finn gets one of those cool over-the-top entrances. It makes more sense to me that the new guy (Finn) will get the win over the former champ (Adrian) to secure himself at the top of the card.

Mitch’s Pick: Finn Balor

Blake & Murphy vs. Lucha Dragons
(NXT Tag Titles)

I don’t know much about Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, but kudos to NXT for giving them a shot. Sin Cara has been on and off on the main roster for a while and rumors have been abounding about Kalisto’s imminent debut so I’m calling for the Champions to retain in this one.

Mitch’s Pick: Blake & Murphy

Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
(NXT Women’s Title)

This is a match that could be fantastic. I’m a little leery with so many involved but I guess I shouldn’t underestimate the NXT Women’s division. I feel that Charlotte’s departure to the Diva’s division should have already happened by now so that makes me hesitant to say that she’ll retain. I guess I’ll pick Sasha Banks to win it because that will give Bayley a heel to chase the title against. Becky Lynch seems like the longest shot to me, but I guess that’s just because I know the least about her.

Mitch’s Pick: Sasha Banks

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
(NXT Championship)

This should be great. I’m hoping that it’s a multi-match series so I’m scratching my head on how to call this. I feel like it could be a victory by Owens but a cheap one so that Zayn still retains. I haven’t seen a time limit draw in a while but since they never announce match times that ending probably won’t happen. NXT has only done lengthy title reigns during my brief time as a fan and I’d like Zayn to at least get a few defenses out of it.

Mitch’s Pick: Kevin Owens (by DQ or something, NO title change)

So there are my picks. Do you agree with me? Banter below with who you think will win or hit me up on Twitter @MitchNickelson and we can talk there. These NXT shows are always great, so don’t miss out!


3 thoughts on “NXT Rival Predictions”

  1. Alright, I’m with you on a lot of things here but let’s give my usual responses to these big fight night feels đŸ˜›

    Baron v Dempsey No DQ – Corbin has been a major pick for me since he arrived. I mean everything about him screams “future star”. Dempsey however is something that I’ve actually thoroughly enjoyed. He plays a typical destroyer character very well. When I saw Baron v Dempsey pt 1 – I knew it would end with Baron winning and he thoroughly needed it… I thought they’d give us a bit of a different ending with pt 2…

    But I have a weird feeling, they’re gonna go with Dempsey via what would NORMALLY be a DQ finish (but alas), to then have a major blow-off. These two are big. These two are tough… They’re actually pretty fun to watch.

    Though Dempsey needs a better finisher. That headbutt looks like “ow, quit it”, not “urgh, I’m KO’d” material.

    Balor v Neville – Balor wins, unless they’re gonna go for an angle with Neville and Owens in the future.

    Blake and Murphy – These are two guys who’ve not been around the wrasslan scene for long. They’ve been solid jobbers for the past year or so for NXT. They got repackaged as a tag team and were losing first rounds of tournaments (basically they were just cannon fodder for teams like The Vaudevillains).

    I think they chose these two guys as they’ve been putting in heaps of effort, have a great amount of chemistry and are pretty old school. I like the lack of flying these two have. I like the fact they’re properly “friends” in their tag team. Kudos for them having gotten so far… And I hope they retain ((Can’t see Luchadragons re-gaining))

    Fatal Four-Way – I see this one going out to Bailey, but only because she’s always been massively popular and they can then further continue down the path of exploring her more aggressive attitude. I think though that Sasha Banks has become one of the best female wrestlers I’ve ever seen… So if she wins, I’ll be happy.

    Zayn v Owens – Thing is this one as you say is ridiculously hard to call…

    … But I wonder if they’ll go back to Zayn “Not being able to win the big one”, for him to basically explode and almost go through a character change in the process..? Owens seems to make sense as a character, which is cool… But I’m wondering if all this, after just winning the title from Neville will be too much for him to take in one go, leading to some form of character change.

    So I’m gonna be bold and go with Owens winning the championship.


    1. Good reasoning on all of your picks. I like that the card is not only exciting but not too predictable.

      And did I miss something with Hideo Itami? I thought they might do a match with him and Tyler Breeze but he doesn’t look to be on the card. I’m sure he’ll appear on the show but I don’t know in what capacity.

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      1. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a match on the card – I mean it’s due… I really want to see Breeze win it though… Prince Pretty needs his shot. He’s been an absolute workhorse, he deserves a good NXT run and to be called to the main roster đŸ™‚

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