Itami vs. Balor: Mitch’s Match of the Week

Welcome back to my award piece where I crown one professional wrestling bout to be the absolute  best of the past week. There were several above average matches this cycle but my absolute favorite has to be from NXT’s #1 Contender Tournament. Finn Balor took on his recent tag team partner, Hideo Itami, in a highly anticipated bout.

What I love about this match (and NXT in general) is that I know I’m watching two of the greatest wrestlers on the planet at the very beginning of what should be a legendary run. This was Balor vs. Itami, Chapter 1. Finn won this round and seems to be granted the early push between the two. He goes on to fight Adrian Neville in the finals of the tournament at next week’s NXT Takeover: Rival event and I couldn’t be more excited. Logically, Balor should solidify himself in the NXT Championship hunt with a torch-passing defeat over Neville.

Go ahead and check out the highlight video because this is a great match. Look out for that spot where Finn charges Itami and plants both his feet into the heart of him. Hideo’s head bounces off of the middle rope with an insane amount of force to set up Balor’s top rope finishing maneuver.

Honorable mentions for the week include two matches from Raw and one match from Lucha Underground. On Monday night, Bray Wyatt took on Dolph Ziggler in a battle of mid-carders who should be main-eventers. Also on Monday, WWE pitted Daniel Bryan versus Seth Rollins in the closing of that show. And it might have been slightly overbooked but Cage vs. Johnny Mundo (full fight linked!) over on the El Rey Network was heck of a bout.

So Balor vs. Itami was my favorite match of the past week. What’s yours? Banter with me in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Take care.


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