Mitch’s Match of the Week: Ryback vs. Rusev (Smackdown)

Welcome back to another installment of Mitch’s Match of the Week. I, of course, am Mitch and this is the article where I tell you what I think is the best pro wrestling bout of the past week. I’ll make this a little briefer than usual because this has been a good week for overtime and I’m a little worn out.

The match that I’ll crown as my personal favorite this week comes from WWE’s other weekly cable show, Smackdown. Ryback challenged Rusev as The Big Guy attempted to qualify for this Sunday’s Royal Rumble. While I like both of these guys I wasn’t expecting a lot out of this matchup. Hoss fights take a special kind of duo to pull off and it was quite a joy to see that these two monsters rose to the occasion. Ryback was able to be the face in peril for much of this match and really drew the crowd in as he attempted to mount those comebacks. The Big Guy scored a countout win and the Bulgarian Brute can still take that loss without being pinned or submitted, so everyone goes home happy.

This match was judged against all other matches on Smackdown, Raw, Lucha Underground, and NXT. It was a little bit of a down week but there are still a few matches worth pointing out as Honorable Mentions. Drago took on Cuerno in a Last Lucha Standing match on Lucha Underground. Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan in a great bout on Raw. Lastly, Hideo Itami took on Tyler Breeze in the first round of an NXT Number 1 Contender’s Tournament. If you watch these matches along with Ryback vs. Rusev then you’ll have a pretty enjoyable evening of wrestling.

What did you think of this week’s best match? Did I get it right? If not, put a comment below. Next week should be a great week to do this article because I’ll get to factor in the Royal Rumble into the equation, which is always a fun show. Also, check out my new podcast over at Blog Talk Radio. It’s called Curb Stomp Radio and my buddy Sgt. Damage banters with me about Conor McGregor’s dominance and who we think might win at the Royal Rumble. Click HERE to give it a listen.




4 thoughts on “Mitch’s Match of the Week: Ryback vs. Rusev (Smackdown)”

  1. To me, the stand out of the week was Rusev vs Ryback too. I’m actually not enjoying the fact that Itami AND Balor are through to the second round… Though quite looking forward to more Corbin v Bull for this championship tournament!

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    1. I really like the idea of an NXT tournament but those Itami and Balor matches didn’t wow me. They were good, don’t get me wrong. But the Itami/Breeze match I’d probably just label as a three star match. I’d put Rusev/Ryback at three and a half.


      1. Well I havent been thoroughly impressed by Itami so far… Balors okay, but he needs to keep painting himself for big matches. Though I may be a spoil sport by saying I don’t see huuuge amounts in Balor either.

        In both matches, their opponents were rocking it. Breeze will be a future Ziggler. Especially with THAT gimmick. Axel needs a proper break, but the audience don’t click with him sadly 😦


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