Alberto Del Rio Joins Lucha Underground Because The World Is Awesome Right Now

If I had to recommend one show to a non-wrestling fan to convince them how good wrestling is, I would either recommend them to watch NXT or Lucha Underground. The one hour format makes such a huge difference in terms of watch-ability. They both keep wrestling as the proper focus of their shows and still find ways to be unique without wearing you down with hours and hours of replays and filler material.

In an effort to make a great show even better, Lucha Underground has just announced a HUGE signing. Former WWE world champion Alberto Del Rio has officially joined the company and I couldn’t be any happier. Here is the Twitter announcement…

If I had to book Alberto successfully I would immediately put him in a program with Prince Puma. He would of course put over the inaugural Lucha Underground Champion, but there could be multiple matches to put on a great show to tell the story. Might I suggest a best-of-three series? And make the final match a ladder match? I’m getting very excited with the fantasy booking here.

Shoot me your thoughts in the comment section below on how Lucha Underground could use Alberto. Also, look me up on Twitter @MitchNickelson to banter with me directly.


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