Another Classic Macho Moment: Tears of Joy at Wrestlemania VII


“He certainly lost the match! But he got something MUCH more valuable…his woman!” – Gorilla Monsoon

At the risk of turning my wrestling blog into a Macho Man-exclusive fan page (would that be a bad thing?), here’s ANOTHER one of my personal favorite Randy Savage moments. Get yourself a box of Kleenexes, folks.

“This is better than Love Story…if you like this kind of mush!” – Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

How often does professional wrestling cause its audience to weep like they’re watching a Nicholas Sparks movie? This is truly a stand-alone moment in the history of this business. For crying out loud, just look at this kid…


The moment was proceeded by a fantastic retirement match that pitted Randy Savage against the legendary Ultimate Warrior.  It was a great match that is worth watching in its entirety but for now, I’ll simply link to the tear-jerking aftermath. Enjoy…

Do you have a favorite Macho Man moment? Share below and let me know.

And while I have you here please give a listen to the most recent edition of my podcast, Mitch Nickelson Radio. Sgt. Damage, who is joining the show as a permanent co-host, talked with me for close to an hour regarding UFC, Wrestle Kingdom 9, and the WWE. Considering Jon Jones had to check himself into rehab regarding trace amounts of cocaine, it has been a week with plenty of interesting things to talk about.


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