Damien Mizdow & The Miz vs. The Usos: Mitch’s Match of the Week

(Note from Mitch: I’ve been really scaling back the amount of writing I’ve been doing lately. Life is busy, but in a good way. My wife is 8 months pregnant and I already have two other little ones at home. Wrestling is just for fun for me so I don’t have a huge issue with scaling back how much of my life it consumes. That being said, I’ve been trying to think up quick and easy ways to still put up good content without having to compromise time at home with family. This Match of the Week piece is one thing I’ve come up with. I hope you like it.)

My first ever Match of the Week award is going to the bout between WWE Tag Team Champions Damien Mizdow & The Miz and challengers The Usos. The Usos reclaimed the belts during this match on Monday Night Raw.

Before offering my thoughts on why I think that this was the best match of the week, I will mention what wrestling programs I have viewed since this past Sunday so you know what I am judging this against. I have viewed the Hulu version of Raw, most of Tuesday’s Main Event, and this week’s edition of NXT. I am a regular viewer of (Hulu) Raw and NXT, so I feel that my pick will be regularly valid going forward. Sometimes I will watch more wrestling in the week, but I will always watch at least those two programs.

What I liked so much about this match is that I get to talk positively about The Miz. He spent the most amount of time in the ring and should be credited for his work rate. Damien was his usual hilarious self on the outside, but in the squared circle it was all Miz.

When he came back after a short absence this summer he really clicked for me in regards to his character. He tried to convince everybody that he was so great because of his A-list Hollywood career and his “Money-maker” and I was sold on him. He teamed up with Damien Sandow and the two turned a comedy gimmick into one of the most entertaining parts of whatever show they were on. I love that these guys have worked so hard and went from being unimportant at the beginning of 2014 to often times show-stealers by the end of the year.

Their reign with the Tag Titles may not have been very lengthy but it was well deserved recognition for two guys that have revitalized their careers. I hope their eventual solo feud ends with a blow off match at Wrestlemania. Take a look at the final moments of this match by clicking on the embedded YouTube video…

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins from Raw and Finn Balor & Hideo Itami vs. The Ascension from NXT were honorable mentions for this week. Next week, there should be stiffer competition because I intend on viewing that Wrestle Kingdom 9 event out of Japan in addition to regular WWE viewing. I went over 600 words on this first installment and I fully expect to not be so long-winded in the future. This is intended to be a lighter piece. Did you like my pick this week? Shoot me a comment below and let me know your thoughts or find me on Twitter @MitchNickelson.

Don’t forget to check out the most recent edition of my podcast, Mitch Nickelson Radio. My good buddy Al N Jaxson joined me as we offered a commentary of sorts to the last WCW Championship match on a WCW PPV. The event was titled Greed and the match featured champion Scott Steiner versus challenger DDP. I was surprised how much I liked it and I hope you like our dialogue that went along with it. Load the event up on the WWE Network and press PLAY below…


2 thoughts on “Damien Mizdow & The Miz vs. The Usos: Mitch’s Match of the Week”

  1. I have been up on The Miz since I first started watching wrestling. I honestly have not seen what others see. He’s a perfect heel and you’re right: This match show cased him nicely.

    I think the problem is – He isn’t normally allowed the chance to showcase, so he has to abide by cheap heel tactics to do anything. But remember when Awesome Truth was a thing? That was a damn good tag team!

    Sandow – is Sandow. He’s amazing. The guy has pulled back from one of the worst gimmick swaps I’ve ever seen… and he doesn’t need to do much to get the audience on his side. He’s spot on.

    Thank you Miz. Thank you Mizdow. Let’s see you two both have amazing futures in wrestling.

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