Mitch Nickelson Radio #7: Scott Steiner vs. DDP Commentary (from WCW Greed)

Welcome to the brand new episode of Mitch Nickelson Radio, your weekly fix of the pursuit of the various niche promotions and brands in professional wrestling. This week’s episode features an alternate audio experience for a match many wrestling fans may have never seen before. (I hadn’t.) The match is from WCW Greed and challenger DDP faces off against WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner.

This turned out to be the final World title match to occur at a WCW Pay-Per-View and it wasn’t too bad! The Wrestling Observer rated the match at 3.5 stars out of 5, which seemed about right. Another interesting tidbit about the match is that Scott Steiner gets highly physical with a fan mid-way through the bout. While obviously a plant the individual bore a striking resemblance to Paul London. So I did what any fan of the modern era would do and I took my question directly to him…

While Paul doesn’t reply to my question he does favorite it. I’ll take that as an admission that that was him.

Here’s the preview for this week…

Al N Jaxson joins Mitch this week as the two of them discuss and opine over the main event of the last WCW Pay-Per-View ever, Greed. The duo even stumble into something resembling commentary near the end. This is a fun alternate audio experience to accompany the viewing of the match.

Time cues are given during the podcast to sync up the audio and the match can easily be found on the WWE Network. Enjoy!

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