Curtis Axel Will Wrestle In NXT


As one-half of one my guilty pleasures of pro-wrestling (Rybaxel, baby!), Curtis Axel will always get a little love from me. And since Ryback has returned from injury as a solo act I was getting worried that he might be shelved without The Big Guy.

Luckily for Axel he has found a spot on the best stage WWE has to offer, NXT. Starting around the 1:20 mark, Axel is seen on the following video asking William Regal for a shot on his show.

While this video ends without anything definite announced the rumor is that Curtis will face off against Hideo Itami within the coming weeks. Most likely his spot will be temporary just to put over the younger talent. He might even only work the one match. Titus O’Neil was a main roster guy who did a similar stint recently when he lost to Sami Zayn weeks before R Evolution.

While I won’t hold my breath that this will finally be the start of a run by Axel that will finally click for his career, it certainly doesn’t hurt anything. It is an odd era of pro-wrestling when being moved down to the developmental program can be considered a huge opportunity.

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