Ryback Is A Class Act On Talk Is Jericho

On this week’s Friday edition of Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast Ryback sat in the hot seat. He took questions from Chris about the harsh recent comments that were made about him from CM Punk and seemed to handle the whole thing like a class act. Here is an excerpt…

“I went and heard part of it. Punk was always good to me when he was here and I felt I was good to him. He was never like that to my face and I felt we always had good matches for the most part on the live events. To leave and say the things he said, I try not to take anything personal anymore. So whatever he’s going through, if he feels the need to say that, I can tell you it’s not true.

It’s one of those things, it’s like, come on man. I don’t understand if it’s a personal thing with me. I don’t know but I have no ill feeling towards the guy, I wish him the best.”

While it is true that CM Punk did suffer very real injuries from these matches with Ryback it also seems like it would be false to label any of The Big Guy’s mistakes as intentional. What do you think? Am I being too kind toward Ryback? Comment below if you’d like to counterpoint me.

Before leaving, how about checking out the most recent episode of Mitch Nickelson Radio? I was able to land interviews with Ring of Honor’s Caprice Coleman AND Crack.com’s Jason Iannone. Click PLAY below to not miss out on one of the best episodes I’ve had so far…


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