Main Event Review for December 16th, 2014

Welcome back to another edition of WWE’s Tuesday night sports entertainment extravaganza, Main Event! Main Event is live on the WWE Network and comes to us from Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. While Smackdown is normally taped on the same night, this week things are changed up slightly as the usual Friday show will air live on USA immediately afterward. I haven’t watched it yet and it might be a couple of days until I get caught up. Byron Saxton and Michael Cole are our announcers.

I watch this show and type a summary of the important events and my thoughts on all of it as I go along. I then wrap everything up at the end in a Final Thoughts section. Let’s get started.

MizTV Interviews Naomi

Have I mentioned that I really like this angle? Miz brings a legitimate level of sliminess to this storyline.  If you took his actions at face value then he is just trying to help out Naomi. But he knows how to deliver every ‘good deed’ in a way that makes you feel like he is one step away from inviting her back to his place for a couch audition.

He tells her on this night that he pulled some strings and got her booked in a Diva’s Championship match later in the night (on Smackdown). He tells her that she might need permission from her husband and that cues Jimmy and his brother to charge into the ring. Miz continues being the creep by saying that he thinks Naomi is talented and wants to see her succeed. “It’s too bad that your husband doesn’t feel the same way.”

Erick Rowan will take on Kane later on the show.

The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) & Cesaro

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods represented their team while Big E gave Natalya his handkerchief on the outside. The over-the-top excitement of New Day seemed like too much in the beginning but the crowd is getting into them. This gimmick might take them farther than I would have guessed.

Cesaro seems to be joining Tyson in his chauvinist antics. At one point, Tyson put Kofi in a Tree of Woe and tried to distract the ref while subtly signaling at Natalya to interfere. She doesn’t, then Tyson screams “What’s wrong with you?!” to his wife on the outside. Then, Cesaro stomped on Kofi’s face while the ref wasn’t looking and yelled “That’s how you do it!” toward Nattie. Poor girl, now she’s getting verbal abuse from Tyson’s buddies as well.

This was the fun, athletic bout you’d hope it would be. Cesaro even busted out his Swing on Kofi and Kidd helped him finish it off by drop-kicking him at the end. It looked really good on the replay. Kofi found himself in distress and the crowd got hyped up for the hot tag to Woods. There were plenty of fun near falls but the ending came after Kofi did a top rope stomp to Tyson, who was being propped up on the knee of Xavier. That was another move that looked great when they replayed it.

Winners by pinfall: New Day

After the match, all three members of New Day celebrated their win in the ring while Natalya tried to give her husband some water on the outside. Cesaro took the water bottle from her and gave it to Tyson himself because apparently she wasn’t doing it right. This was a good match. Go back and watch it if you can.

Roman Reigns will be returning to in-ring action on Smackdown. Dean Ambrose will be having some sort of confrontation with Bray Wyatt as well.

Paige Watches Titus O’Neil Challenge Erick Rowan in Chess

I think I summed up this backstage segment pretty well in the title. Erick Rowan was showing Paige some Bobby Fisher moves and Titus called Erick “swamp booty” before we found out that Titus doesn’t know how to play chess.

Chris Jericho hosted Raw on the previous night and it led to the return of Brock Lesnar. Brock also got involved in the main event between John Cena and Seth Rollins. All of this is replayed at this point during a recap segment. John Cena challenges Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Naomi approaches Miz backstage and tries to apologize for earlier. Miz tells her that her Diva’s Title match is already set up but if she can’t control her husband then all her dreams of Hollywood will go away.

Emma vs. Paige

These two were given more time than I would have guessed. The crowd was a little quiet at times to the point that you could hear some move-calling. Paige would take a few occasions to yell out to the crowd and she was doing fairly well at trying to draw them into the match. There isn’t any story to the two of them wrestling on this night but I guess that sometimes there doesn’t need to be. Paige won by applying her PTO maneuver to Emma.

Winner by submission: Paige

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will be competing in a Boot Camp match on Wednesday’s Tribute To The Troops special on USA.

Titus O’Neil joins the announce team as Michael tries to joke with him about his lack of chess skills. Titus will be there during the Erick Rowan match.

Erick Rowan vs. Kane

Much of this match was a blur to me because I was way too distracted by the banter between Titus and Michael Cole. Cole kept insulting the intelligence of O’Neil and he would respond by insulting Michael’s announcing skills. I did find it entertaining but it in no way complemented the match. Rowan and Kane were an afterthought to the dialogue.

The action spilled to the outside and Rowan slammed Kane into the announce table. Kane caused a couple of cups that were in front of Titus to fly towards him and soak him. Titus was looking pristine before the drenching and was repulsed by it. He yelled at Rowan that he was going to send him a bill of $5200. Shortly after that, Kane Chokeslammed Rowan in the middle of the ring and successfully pinned him.

Winner by pinfall: Kane

Michael Cole tried to tell Titus about a sale on Amazon regarding a Chess for Dummies book and Titus left the announce table highly irritated. I’m sure Kane and Rowan were also doing stuff.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts

It’s been a week of way more wrestling than normal and I expected Main Event to be more of a chore to watch this week. Surprisingly, I thought it was above average. I love the Miz/Naomi story and I find myself genuinely wanting to root for Jimmy Uso to get the chance to get his hands on Miz.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro make a good tag team. All three members of New Day are working hard at getting their new stable over. Every person in that match is someone that I hope gets to the next level in WWE. They had the best match on this show.

I won’t overly criticize the announcing from the Kane/Rowan match simply because I like Titus O’Neil and thought he was funny. It is a shame that it distracted so much from the in-ring action but it looks like it’ll lead to an O’Neil match against Erick Rowan. That’s good news for Titus, even if it’s just a Main Event match. He’s not really doing much of anything else at the moment.

That’s all for me this week. Did you like the show? Go ahead and type your thoughts into the Comments section below and I’ll talk with you. Also, check out my recent podcast episode by clicking HERE. I got the chance to chat with Ring of Honor’s Caprice Coleman and Jason Iannone of

Contact me directly by Twitter @MitchNickelson or email me at Take care.


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