Mitch Nickelson Radio #5: ROH’s Caprice Coleman; Cracked’s Jason Iannone

Welcome to the brand new episode of Mitch Nickelson Radio, your weekly fix of the pursuit of the various niche promotions and brands in sports entertainment. This week’s episode features an interview with one of the best wrestlers on today’s indie scene, Caprice Coleman. He just competed in ROH’s Final Battle Pay-Per-View just over a week ago and I get the chance to chat with him for this week’s episode. 

Here’s the preview for this week…

Ring of Honor superstar Caprice Coleman joins the podcast this week to discuss his recent match at Final Battle, his new entrance music with Omega Sparx, and a new comic book (The Anointed One) that is based on him that will be coming out in 2015.

For the second half of the podcast’s Jason Iannone chats about the past week of WWE programming, including TLC and NXT’s R Evolution. Apologies to him for mispronouncing his name in the intro; he still had plenty of great things to say regardless.

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