NXT R Evolution: 3 Quick Highlights

NXT proves over and over again what a quality wrestling show is supposed to look like. If you didn’t watch last night’s R Evolution, do yourself a favor and go watch it now. If you don’t have the WWE Network (and you should, even just to support NXT), then watch for free-but-probably-legally at THIS LINK.

There are a ton of great reviews online, so instead of writing a full recap I’ll simply list a few things I loved from last night. I numbered them but I’m really just writing them as I remember them. Don’t take the order seriously…

1. Finn Balor’s Entrance

I have not seen much of Balor or Itami prior to NXT so I consider the past few weeks to be my initiation to these talented performers. The match was great and did well to put over the news guys in the company. The live audience especially went nuts when Hideo teased the GTS.

But while I might not go back and watch the match again, I’ve already re-watched Balor’s entrance several times. I’ve heard about the elaborate body paintings that he’s done in the past and this was my first exposure to all of that. It was phenomal. I love the creativity and I look forward the next time he does this.

2. Women’s Wrestling is Good!

Not only did the audience chant “This is Awesome” for Charlotte and Sasha Banks, but they also chanted “This is Wrestling” as well. These two were given plenty of time and they put on a traditional pro-wrestling match that I’m hoping both the guys and the girls were taking notes on. Charlotte is the real deal and I’m glad that Hulu cut her loss to Natalya from Raw earlier in the week because I can live in a world were ALL of WWE’s  women’s wrestling sort of makes sense at the moment.

3. Sami Zayn is a Superstar

I think I was the only person calling that Sami would lose at R Evolution and boy was I glad that I was wrong. Not only did he and Neville pump out a match of the year contender but we viewers also get to look forward to Kevin Owens becoming Zayn’s immediate rival. I’m a bad internet wrestling fan and have to admit that I’ve missed much of their independent work. But I look forward to what the future hold because apparently these two can do amazing things.

I only wrote three quick points but the whole show was pretty great. NXT knows how to put on a 2 hour show that matters and I hope that whatever they’re doing right finds a way to trickle up to the main roster.

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on my most recent episode of Mitch Nickelson Radio. Sgt Damage joined me as we discussed recent UFC happenings. Also, the mind-blowingly hot Rosie Piper helped me make picks for WWE TLC later in the podcast.  Bottom line is that you should click PLAY below and listen for yourself…




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