Larry The Cable Guy To Host Raw

While Grumpy Cat wasn’t that bad of a guest “star” on this past week’s Raw, WWE seems up for the challenge to see how far they can test the waters of their fan’s patience. Announced for the November 24th edition of Raw is the funniest redneck of 2003, Larry The Cable Guy. Here’s an excerpt of the press release that WWE sent out…

Comedy giant Larry the Cable Guy brings his award-winning comedy to WWE’s Monday Night Raw when he guest stars on Monday, November 24 at 8/7C on the USA Network. Larry the Cable Guy and WWE Santino Marella™ in Jingle All the Way 2 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Video.

Wait a minute…they decided to make a sequel to that Arnold Schwarzenegger/Phil Hartman movie from the 1990s? THIS movie…?

To be fair, the original did feature Sinbad and The Big Show, so it wasn’t all bad. Right? I guess we should take a look at the updated version and make our own judgments. Here’s a trailer from Youtube…

To it’s credit, it does feature Santino Marella. That dude is funny. What do you think? Does the movie like it’s worth our time? Should Larry The Cable Guy take up precious Raw time that could be otherwise given to actual wrestlers who might want to wrestle in actual matches? Chime in with your thoughts below.

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Take care.


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