Main Event Review For November 4th, 2014

Welcome back to that little Tuesday night wrestling show that could, WWE Main Event! This week’s show is broadcast out of Albany, New York and features the familiar announce team of Michael Cole and JBL. It looks like Byron Saxton will be missing out on the fun this time around. I’m unaware of anything that might be advertised this week.

Like usual, I’ll recap all of the highlights of the show and I’ll sprinkle in my opinion along the way. I won’t go too in-depth on the play-by-play, but I’ll cover all of the important stuff. At the end I’ll wrap up everything in a delightful Final Thoughts section. Let’s get this show started.

Stardust vs. Jey Uso

Cole and JBL split their time talking about Rusev’s win against Sheamus on Monday night with previewing the tag team cage match that will happen on Friday’s Smackdown between the Dusts and The Usos. Stardust was his usual weirdo self in this match mixed in with the occasional heel act like when he ripped off Jey’s shirt. Those things are 25 bucks at WWE’s online store, so I’d be mad if I was Jey.

The crowd really came alive near the end of this match as they chanted “Uso” for Jey. Shortly after, Jey planted a kick to the chin of Stardust then rolled him up for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Jey Uso

Tyson Kidd is backstage getting ready for a match and Natalya approaches him from behind. She apologizes to him and tells him that she’s proud of him and loves him. Tyson pulls up the hood that’s covering his head to reveal that he’s got his white headphones on. All he seems to hear is the last line where she wishes him good luck for tonight and he says thanks to her.

Justin Gabriel vs. Curtis Axel

This is the official return of The Ax Man, who Michael Cole says was out for a few months with injury. I was one of the few fans of him during his Rybaxel run with Ryback so I’m leery about him going solo. Can he keep my adoration?

Both guys charged each other midway through the match and collided hard against each other. While Axel tried to make his way to his feet Gabriel hit him with a cross-body against the ropes and they both tumbled to the outside.

A little later, Gabriel went to the top rope and Axel shoved him to the outside in a hard spill. Curtis brought him back to the ring and connected with a running knee followed by a successful pin attempt.

Winner by pinfall: Curtis Axel

Michael Cole said that Axel scored a big win on his return. JBL said it was impressive. All he did was beat Justin Gabriel so I find it hard to agree with them.

Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs. Sami Zayn

There’s a cool video package before the match highlighting Zayn. It’s really good like you’d expect a WWE video package to be and it shows a bunch of NXT footage.

The crowd was really excited for Zayn and even busted out with some “Ole” chants for him. Sami looked solid in this early on, delivering a series of crisp looking arm drag takedowns. Kidd would pummel on Zayn in the corner and refuse to back off when the ref warned him to do so. Zayn found his way to the side apron and attempted to jump up to springboard off the ropes but Tyson drop kicked him, sending Sami to the outside.

Tyson delivered a neck-breaker on the outside and made Natalya give him a kiss on the cheek before he re-entered the ring. This guy is great. Tyson set Sami up in a tree of woe in the corner and gave a running drop-kick to him. He paused to pose for the crowd who booed him for his efforts.

The match was getting pretty good as Kidd was able to connect with a Blockbuster (shout out to Buff Bagwell) later in the match. It was a good nearfall as Zayn kicked out after two. Natalya cheered for her husband as the crowd tried to re-start the “Ole” chants. Tyson dropped an elbow off of a spring-board setup from the ropes. Kidd must have been getting frustrated that he couldn’t put Zayn away because he tried several pin attempts in a row, none getting the three count.

Zayn was able to get a nearfall of his own when hr gave Kidd a top rope cross-body, but he only got two for it. An even better nearfall happened when Sami followed it up with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Still only a two count and Zayn looked shocked that he didn’t put him away. The final pin came after a series of unique rollups that ended with Tyson grabbing the tights to keep Zayn down for the three.

Winner by pinfall: Tyson Kidd

This was one of those special matches that made me happy to be the guy who reviews Main Event. Kidd celebrated his win at the top of the ramp while Natalya awkwardly stood behind him.

The Xavier Woods “New Day” video aired where he acts like he’s a James Brown-influenced preacher with an energetic choir behind him. I hope when he finally debuts this new character arc he denounces all of this and labels this as just another example of how the corporate bigwigs simply want him to dance and sing. Then we might get that New Nation stable, which I’m rooting for.

All of the stuff involving Team Authority from Raw gets recapped at this point in the show. Randy Orton has been so good recently, I even find myself excited to see his promos. I never thought I’d say that. Michael Cole gave us an injury update after the recap segment and spoke of Orton have contusions on his face. His current timetable for a return is indeterminable. Cole says that Orton will not be at Survivor Series, which I doubt is true.

Bray Wyatt vs. Sin Cara

This match is pretty much what you’d expect. Bray got a chance to let his presence be felt. His entrance is always a crowd pleaser and he got to portray the cult-leader guy that people buy into. He had Sin Cara in a seated headlock during the match and repeated “Don’t you quit on me Sin Cara!” Sin Cara got a few spots but never established momentum.

Bray did his lovely spider walk before using his Sister Abigail maneuver to finish off his opponent. He pinned Sin Cara for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Bray Wyatt

Wyatt held his arms outstretched and looked up to the heavens above while he was above the unmoving Sin Cara. This is the spectacle that closed out the show.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts

I’ll have to call this an above average Main Event and I’m basing my decision entirely off of the Sami Zayn/Tyson Kidd match. While the two are capable of far better this still was a solid match that felt like a treat to watch. Kidd is entertaining as a scumbag husband and Zayn brought a fighting spirit with him tonight. Everything clicked for these guys.

Jey Uso and Stardust didn’t steal the show or anything but considering they have their tag-team cage match on Smackdown then that means they’re pulling double-duty for the night. If they were just viewing this match as the warm up then I don’t blame them at all. I’m looking forward to that cage match.

Justin Gabriel and Curtis Axel didn’t really deliver anything special. Looks like The Ax Man might be a little too lost without The Big Guy.

Sin Cara was solely in the ring for Bray Wyatt to make Bray look good. While it was only a squash match I feel like Bray’s presence is enough of a draw to still feel like the audience got something out of it. That month of nothing but promos and then being reintroduced against Dean Ambrose at Hell In A Cell might just be what Bray needed to re-spark his career.

That about does it for me this week. Don’t forget to find me on Twitter @MitchNickelson and on my personal blog at I’ve been podcasting like crazy recently, so check me out in audio format if you can. Take care.


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