Sheamus Wants Rematch With Rusev (Interview Highlights)

WWE’s resident Irishman, Sheamus, gave an interview with The Independent that coincided with a series of U.K. shows. To view the full article, simply click HERE. But to make things easy for you, I’ve pulled a few quotes that I found interesting and added a few comments alongside them.

On his recent U.S. Championship loss to Rusev:

“I obviously want a rematch. I want to prove I can beat Rusev. That’s important, we went back and forth the other night – it was a long night – but it was cool the way it was on the network. It was like the first of its kind, to broadcast that match on the network and it shows how powerful the network can be with so much opportunity and options that the WWE can put any match on there, anytime, anywhere, exclusively for the fans that subscribe to the network.”

I assume the rematch will come at Survivor Series. It seemed a little rushed to make it happen already but I agree with the decision to air it after Raw on the WWE Network. That’s a big match that people have been calling for so it builds interest in the Network.

His thoughts on The Miz:

“What do I think of The Miz? Not much mate. I think he should be doing ballet dancing rather than the WWE. He just talks a lot, has a big mouth – I’ve tried to shut him up a few times but no matter how many times you hit him or kick him in the face he doesn’t get the message.”

His thoughts on Damien Mizdow:

“I think Mizdow is tremendous and I think both of them together are a very entertaining piece. I’m not sure one would survive without the other really. I mean Miz obviously has the track record, but both of them together, they’re just entertainment gold. They’ve come a long way. They’re very, very entertaining television and they’re a very entertaining couple. Even when I’m wrestling Miz, I’ve got one eye on him and one eye on Mizdow on the outside and he’s cracking me up half the time, he’s very entertaining.”

I hope he’s wrong about them not surviving without the other. I’m rooting for Sandow to have a babyface turn that hopefully solidifies his spot on the card. He seems like he could be a key player in a story line for a mid-card title.

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