Hacksaw Update: Hanging Out With The Fonz

It appears that Jim Duggan has joined an incredible group of celebrities this weekend at an event known as the FanBoy Expo. And if this Facebook picture of Hacksaw, Jake Roberts, Tatanka, and The Fonz doesn’t get you excited, possibly nothing on God’s greet Earth ever will…

Hacksaw even shows us his ‘geek’ side as he pauses for a minute to pose with this character from Star Wars…or an anime…or something. I actually don’t know who this guys is supposed to be dressed up as. But who cares? Hacksaw’s thumb is up and America is still #1!

hacksaw star wars

Obviously, Knoxville is the place to be this weekend! Consider yourself lucky if you are a Tennessean but Jim Duggan is the only Ten I’m See-an!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Also, check out the last edition of Mitch and Al Radio. The podcast will continue next week, but will then be known as simply Mitch Nickelson radio. Press Play below to hear history!


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