Mitch And Al Radio Ep. #8: Final-ish Episode

Welcome back to Mitch and Al Radio, your 30 minute fix of pro-wrestling awesomeness. Here’s the preview for this week…

Mitch makes the sad announcement that Al is officially retiring from pro-wrestling podcasting. But never fear because Mitch WILL continue on! This week, Sgt. Damage returns to the podcast to talk about the UFC Fight Nights in Australia and Brazil this weekend. Also, Mitch kicks off the show discussing various news and rumors including Rey Mysterio’s current situation with WWE, the UK’s potential ire against WWE over the next week, Kevin Owen’s (formerly Steen) imminent debut, Dixie Carter’s history of credit card abuses, and much more!

To listen to this week’s episode…
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Leave a comment below or even ask a question for myself and Al N Jaxson. We’ll answer your questions on the next podcast. And as always, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson to keep up with all things Mitch. Take care.


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