Y2J Wants Fat Jonah Hill To Play Him In A Movie (Interview Highlights)

Chris Jericho has a new book to promote and he recently talked with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald about it. His third biography, “The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea,” was discussed in addition to his rock band Fozzy, his pro-wrestling career, and much more. Here are a few highlights that I found interesting, followed by a several thoughts by me…

On being hated after his first big comeback:

“When I came back in 2007, it was very stale. The character was very plain, which is why I recreated myself into the suit-wearing, evil Jericho. That struck a chord. I mean people hated that character. They were attacking me on the streets physically, starting riots in the arena by throwing glow sticks and beer cups and D batteries. Who brings D batteries to a wrestling show? Do they sneak it in with a Teddy Ruxpin doll? I mean how do you do that? They found a way, and I was hit with it. Physically, it hurt… Deep down inside I thought, ‘Man, I’ve got something going here.’ That character made a real impact and made a lot of money and put a**es in seats because people hated him so much.”

Heel Jericho is awesome. Very few bad guys in this era of wrestling truly do what they can to get the fans to hate them. The temptation to be the cool heel is always there because why would you not want to capitalize on the merchandising revenue? But if you’re truly evil then you need to find a way to make the fans spend their money on the guy that they want to beat you up.

On his recent return and feud with Bray Wyatt:

“I just kind of made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t go back unless there is a focus. I made it very clear to the powers that be, and they agreed. They don’t want Chris Jericho back just to be there and not do anything. That doesn’t help them either. [Bray] is a great performer. [The Wyatt Family and former Shield members] are great performers at varying levels. WWE is very much, and rightfully so, about constantly updating and upgrading the talent. You have to have a constant movement in place. I love the fact they put Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on last [at the Hell in a Cell show]. I love the fact Wyatt interrupted them. Now it’s [John] Cena and [Randy] Orton who are slowly moving down and Ambrose, Rollins and Wyatt are slowly moving up. That’s kind of what keeps the business fresh and alive.”

Bray Wyatt really suffered after his John Cena feud earlier this year. He went from a hot talent on the verge of becoming a bonafide main eventer to a little on the stale side with lessened credibility in a matter of months. Today, Bray seems hot again and the Jericho feud definitely contributed to that. They ended their run with a very memorable Raw cage match and then Bray spent a solid month off camera with those exceptional promos airing in his absence. By the time he showed up again during the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins main event at Hell In A Cell it felt like he belonged there. Hopefully WWE doesn’t ‘John Cena’ Bray again.

On who would play him in a movie about Chris Jericho:

“I will go with Jonah Hill. It’s got to be fat Jonah Hill. I don’t want skinny, creepy Jonah Hill. I want fat Jonah Hill.”

I’m not sure either version of Jonah Hill would work as Y2J, but he’s right about skinny Jonah Hill being creepy.

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