Renee Young’s Halloween Costume & Controversy

WWE interviewer and commentator Renee Young has faced the rage of a modern ultra-PC society and it all is due to a recent Halloween costume. Ms. Young decided to dress up as a Native American and like way too many people these days, she put a zombie twist on it.

Apparently this outfit outraged Native Americans (or zombies) because there was a slight backlash due to it. The cries of ‘racism’ and ‘cultural insensitivity’ were almost as loud as when WWE forced Renee to drop her very French sounding real last name of Paquette in favor of the American melting pot-friendly fake last name of Young.

Correction…there was actually no outrage due to any cultural insensitivity that may or may not have occurred to her in regards to her last name. She has a French heritage, so I guess that’s an okay race to bash, right? I get confused on which races are okay to hate on and which ones aren’t.

Honestly, if people were going to get upset about anything then why not complain about the over-saturation of zombies in pop culture?If you want to groan about THAT, I’m with you.

Renee seemed to not want to cause a ruckus so she removed all photos of the costume from her social media accounts. This lone tweet is the sole opinion we have from her in wake of the controversial pictures…

I feel like I’ve offered my opinion clearly already but I’ll restate my thoughts on the matter again: Racism is terrible and we should all treat each other with respect and dignity. Follow the Golden Rule but geez, modern society is WAY to sensitive. Poor Renee Young was bullied over a costume that I’m sure she wore with no intention of hate whatsoever. Chill out, people.

So what do you think, were her pictures too insensitive? Am I not looking at this situation from the right perspective? Offer up your thoughts in the Comment Section below and I’ll banter with you. If you want to tell me how wrong I am, I’ll hear you out.

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7 thoughts on “Renee Young’s Halloween Costume & Controversy”

  1. What is wrong with people.
    I do wonder what truly is wrong with people. I’m waiting for the day I make a cosplay costume and get called “racist” or “fake” or anything. I make enough costumes, so you know what? It’ll happen. Just when?

    /sigh. People are strange!

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    1. Yeah, it was simply a Halloween costume. If she dressed up as a zombie French maid then would that be insulting to French people? If she dressed up as a zombie samurai then is that offensive to japanese people? People need to not be so sensitive.


  2. I’ve never considered myself racist but I won a costume competition when I was 9, dressed as a Native American. Maybe I should feel guilty of racial discrimination and hide my shameful face forever then… Seriously, what’s with this ridiculous victim mentality in the US? Putting a lot of effort in creating a realistic costume usually means that the person admires the character he dresses up as. How many of the people, who thought themselves as being indignified by Renee’s costume, have cried their eyes out while reading Winnetou at the age of 7 like I did? Most of them wouldn’t even know who that is, but I’m sure that if I was a bit more popular, I would have been lynched for wearing a Native American costume too…

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      1. Haha, sorry, I got carried away. Winnetou the main character of a German trilogy from the late 19th Century by Karl May. The protagonist is an Apache tribe chief and I was really fond of the character, hence at that time I read quite a lot about the Native Americans and their culture.

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  3. I as a Native American found it offensive. Did I hate on or bash her? No. Do I think she had a right to where it? No. My opinion, she should’ve just apologized and went on with life, like the rest of us have. Never been too crazy about her, but would never bash her publically or otherwise.


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