Main Event Review For October 28th, 2014

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Welcome to the best wrestling show on Tuesday nights, WWE Main Event! This week’s show is broadcast out of Houston, Texas. Announced prior to the show is a MizTV segment featuring Mark Henry, which doesn’t end up happening.

I recap this show by writing about all of the highlights, sprinkling in my opinion whenever I see fit. I won’t do any in-depth play-by-play, but I’ll try to cover the good stuff. At the end, I’ll wrap things up with a snazzy Final Thoughts section. Lets get to the action.

MizTV Featuring The Usos

As The Miz and Damien Mizdow were making their way to the ring, JBL was telling Byron Saxton and Michael Cole that he’s joining them on commentary on Main Event because he’ll be going on vacation to Bermuda after this. He says it’ll cause him to miss Smackdown later this week, which is in actuality taped Tuesday night immediately after Main Event. I like how dedicated WWE is to the kayfabe of Smackdown being on Friday.

Miz is still angry over the tag match on Monday night when The Usos pinned Miz illegally. He asked Jimmy and Jey why they cheated and they simply denied knowing what he was talking about. As they responded to him, they mimicked the stunt double schtick with each other. Having an actual set of twins doing it is funny. Miz acknowledged that they were poking fun at him then grew frustrated as they joined in as stunt doubles for Miz. The segment culminated with Miz demanding a ref come out for an immediate rematch while all three guys in the ring copied all of his mannerisms. I’m sure that some are getting tired of the stunt double joke but I think they can drag out for another month or so by adding elements like this to it.

Referee Charles Robinson came out before the break. The match is up next.

The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

As the match starts out, JBL points out that everyone has a stunt double except for Charles Robinson and Byron Saxton. Burn on Michael Cole.

Miz did a good job of playing off the crowd dynamics when he went to tag Damien into the match. When he’d point to Mizdow like he was asking the crowd if they wanted him to tag him in the crowd would cheer loudly. Then he’d raise his arms in the air for himself (mimicked by Mizdow) and the crowd would boo passionately. He did this back and forth several times in a row to really show the contrasting reactions that they were getting.

While The Miz was hurting on the outside, Damien went over to him to copy the pain he was in. This led to a flying Uso dive to the outside that only connected onto Sandow. Miz followed it up with a kick to an Uso jaw.

Near the end of the match, Jimmy was hurt and looked like he might suffer a pinfall. As the ref had his back turned Jey tried to insert himself into the match for his brother. Charles Robinson caught and prevented him from doing so but then had to briefly turn his attention to Miz and Mizdow. Jey then tried to switch out illegally again, this time successfully. When Miz came over he rolled him up for the win.

Winners by pinfall: The Usos

The Miz and Damien Mizdow argued with the ref as The Usos left the ring, celebrating their win.

John Cena was asked to join The Authority on Raw, which is recapped at this point. This setup the Team Cena vs. Team Authority match that will happen at Survivor Series.

Michael Cole tells JBL that it’s a shame that he’s going to on vacation because he’ll miss a big Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal on this Friday’s Smackdown. JBL says he’ll be watching the match from Bermuda because he’s still trying to convince the audience that Smackdown isn’t taped.

Paige vs. Natalya (w/Tyson Kidd)

The footage of Paige beating on Alicia Fox viciously from Raw is shown before the match. Byron Saxton said that being friends with Paige is like being friends with a wild animal; you do so at your own risk. Tyson Kidd joins the announce table and JBL compares him to Stedman (Oprah’s husband or whatever)  and Todd Palin. They rib on him that Natty is the breadwinner in the family.

The announce team spent most of of their time talking to Tyson about his marriage, which is a shame because this is a way better than average match. Paige does what she can to appear super creepy by licking the side of Natalya’s face at one point.

The ending came by Paige teasing that she’d put Natty in the Sharpshooter. Natalya reversed it before she could lock it on and attempted to do the Sharpshooter as well. Paige kicked her out before she could lock it on, then rolled her up for the win. Wow, pretty much every Divas match does end in a rollup. They need a new ending for the ladies.

Winner by pinfall: Paige

Natalya looked disappointed with her loss. Tyson said that he’s embarrassed for his wife before he went into the ring to ‘comfort’ her after his loss. I really hope this leads to Natalya and Tyson becoming a heel power couple.

There was a really odd video of a pair of eyes on the Titan Tron. The voice that accompanied it said, “Sometimes I see things that just ain’t there…I’m going to piece myself back together with pieces of you.” The announcers couldn’t explain whatever that was. Bo Dallas and Sheamus are seen walking backstage. They have a match, which is next.

Sheamus vs. Bo Dallas

Bo talks before the match about Team Cena vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series. He said that if he could split himself into two people, he’d help both teams. But unfortunately human cloning hasn’t been perfected yet. Bo says that in the meantime he is offering his services to whoever Bolieves.

Bo was all about celebrations during this match. After a drop kick that connected with Sheamus, Bo exited the ring to do a lap with his hands in the air. Later, when he kipped up out of a head scissor attempt by Sheamus he immediately raised his arms in victory. Sheamus responded to the second celebration with a slap to the face. There were quite a lot of stiff slaps in this match.

Dallas went for the Running Bodog onto Sheamus, but couldn’t follow through with it. He gives another slap across the face of Sheamus who replies with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus covered his opponent for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Sheamus celebrated with his U.S. Title after the match. Michael Cole tells JBL to enjoy his vacation as the show comes to a close.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts

I can gladly say that this was an above average episode of Main Event. The MizTV segment that opened the show led directly to the tag match, which was about 20 minutes of the show. I like the rivalry and it will give The Usos something to do for a month other than challenging for the tag titles again. Hopefully Damien’s antics keep the attention of the fans as WWE holds off his turn against The Miz.

The Paige/Natalya match was way better than what is typically shown on Main Event. Natalya could easily bring new life to the Divas Championship scene. I don’t mind the marriage drama that she’s involved in and I’ll reiterate that I hope it leads to the heel couple of Tyson and Natty.

The main event was okay but it was the weakest part of the hour for me. Sheamus was stiff like usual and I felt bad for how many slaps he traded with Bo. Sheamus is always a crowd favorite and Bo still gets heat so it works.

Thanks for reading my review this week. Feel free to share your thoughts on the show in the Comments section below. Also, you can find me on Twitter @MitchNickelson and on the web at I don’t typically put my email address out there, but here it is if anyone would want to chat that way – Take care.


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