Looming Return For The Big Guy, Ryback

If there’s one thing I love about professional wrestling, it is definitely The Big Guy and all that he does. Ryback is out on injury along with his Rybaxel buddy, Curtis Axel. Thankfully, I’ve discovered some incredibly positive developments thanks to Cagesideseats.com

Ryback is apparently close to being medically cleared and should be back on television within the next month or so, or at least before the end of the year.

Could it be? This news is too good to be true and MUST need additional sourcing or I might break  my own heart if I’m merely toying with my own emotions. Wrestlezone.com, tell me something good…

As we reported yesterday, Ryback has been medically cleared to return to the ring, however WWE is in the process of coming up with creative plans to reintroduce him on TV.

Ryback’s tag team partner Curtis Axel has also been noticeably absent from WWE TV, however according to new information, the two should be back on TV within a month.

Reports have suggested WWE is toying with the idea of renewing Ryback’s singles push and tweaking his character/look upon his return to WWE TV, but that has yet to be confirmed.

As you can rightfully deduce, I’m taking breaks from wrestling-related journalism to do some happy-dancing. But just in case The Big Guy is reading right now and feels the need to come back sooner just to appease the WWE Universe, I will say this…TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU  NEED!

Just to remind everyone how serious Ryback’s injuries were, here is the video he gave to all of us before courageously going under the knife for surgery…

Godspeed Ryback, Godspeed.

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