TNA Talent Negotiations Will “Shock”

Rumors have been circulating around the Internet that TNA will make a big announcement sometime within the next week. Initially, the consensus was that TNA has secured a TV deal and was going to take the news public. However, something else might be up the sleeve of Dixie Carter’s pantsuit. This news comes according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter…

There has been some claims that TNA has been negotiating with a talent that would reportedly “shock people.” It’s said that if it comes to fruition, the new signing would create a buzz around TNA, however no one seems to know who the talent is.

We can confirm that the person is not CM Punk or Mick Foley.

Who could this talent be? For some reason Punk and Foley are automatically disqualified so I’ve decided to go ahead and theorize who might be negotiating based on all talents who are not named CM Punk or Mick Foley. Here are my guesses…

AJ Styles

This would be shocking based on how Styles left the company. He was one of the guys most associated with the TNA brand. His departure was a sure sign that the company was in trouble because how do you let your franchise player leave? Him coming back would be shocking because it would mean that TNA has the money to afford him. And at this point, that would be highly shocking.

Awesome Kong

Now this would be incredibly shocking simply because she has sworn that she’ll never go back to TNA. But if you’d want to have the most exciting women’s division possible, she is one of the hottest free agents on the market. Speaking of Kong, did you listen to my interview with her from last week? (Shameless plug!)

Shane McMahon

While this would be shocking, it absolutely isn’t happening. I just miss the guy. Remember that King of the Ring match with Kurt Angle? Dang, Shane O’Mac was dope.

So what do you think? Who is this “shocking” talent that is negotiating with TNA? Leave your comments below and remember the rules…it’s apparently not CM Punk or Mick Foley.

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