Wrestling At Wayne Fall Fest – October 11th, 2014


I don’t typically write about local wrestling, but I went with my brother-in-law to a fun show in a neighboring county and thought I’d share my experience.  The main event showcased The Rock n Roll Express taking on Tracy Smothers and Stan Lee. WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant refereed that match. Plenty more fun was had on this card, so let’s get to the fun.

(Apologies in advance to any wrestlers who find that I spelled their names wrong. No disrespect intended, I just had a hard time catching all the names.)


Johnny Richards vs. Pysch Ward

This match was fun because I apparently sat behind Pysch Ward’s mother. She was a blast during the whole show, but was understandably fired up during this opening bout. Mr. Richards, who was wearing purple gear, was heckled relentlessly by the mother.

Winner: Psych Ward


Death Falcon Zero vs. Big Joe Pace

I don’t want to be too negative, but this was the weakest match by far. Everything else was really good, but this match just didn’t click. It went too long and I remember my brother-in-law commenting about how they were constantly doing rest holds. These guys tried and the crowd wasn’t harsh or anything, but sometimes wrestlers simply don’t have chemistry with each other.

Winner: Big Joe Pace


Blazing Eagle vs. Shane Storm

These guys were really good. Blazing Eagle was decked out in red, white, and blue pro-America garb. In the funniest moment of the show, the crowd chanted for Blazing Eagle with a “U.S.A.” chant. Storm, who was billed from North Dakota, went toward the announce table to tell us how stupid we were because  North Dakota is in fact in the United States.

Winner: Shane Storm


May Belle Smothers vs. Chloe

May Belle is the daughter of Tracy Smothers, who accompanied her to the ring. A guy claiming to be her brother also came out, who I think might have been Johnny Richards. While there was plenty of bantering with the crowd, the girls wrestled surprisingly well when they got going. I remember that they seemed real stiff with each other.

Winner May Belle Smothers


Jesse Lundice vs. EZ Money

THIS was the real main event for me. I wasn’t a huge ECW fan during its original run so I didn’t recognize who he was originally. The action in this match was incredibly good as EZ was hilarious. He would do tittie-twisters and crotch kicks as he appealed to the teenage version of me that thought everything he did was hilarious. Like this following picture, where EZ Money’s finger has just exited his opponent’s rear end and is midway toward his mouth…


Gross, EZ.

I finally googled the guy mid-way through the match and realized that EZ Money went by Jason Jett during his time in WCW. I’m not sure if I should feel good about recognizing him from WCW and not ECW, but whatever.

Later, when the show was over, I stopped EZ to get a picture, which is what you see featured above. It was cool getting to chat with him briefly. Maybe I can talk him into coming onto a podcast in the future?

Winner: EZ Money


Rock ‘n’ Express vs. Tracy Smothers & Stan Lee
Special Guest Referee: WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant

While none of these guys are young, I just want to point out that The Boogey-Woogey Man, Jimmy Valiant, is REALLY old. I do hope I move around half as good as him when I’m in my 70s, though.


The match was fairly predictable. There was lots of yelling at the crowd and the heels tried to pull hi-jinx when the distracted Valiant wasn’t looking. Very little actual wrestling happened. But it was still fun as I didn’t really expect these guys to take bumps anyway.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

EZ Money was a huge highlight for me. The guy still can go. Other than the second match, everything else on the card had something fun about it. Not too bad for a free show at a Fall Fest in West Virginia.

Did you catch my interview with Amazing Kong last week? She was a blast to talk to, give it a listen by clicking play below…

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