The Rock And Lana Spar On Twitter

In what was one of the wrestling world’s most pleasant surprises in a long time, The Rock unexpectedly showed up on Raw in Manhattan Monday night to a thunderous ovation. The crowd hung on every word The Rock spoke and it gave Rusev and Lana a massive credibility boost. Famed wrestling writer John Canton wrote these words about the segment on his weekly Raw review, The John Report

It was a wonderful surprise that we won’t soon forget. Lana and Rusev deserve credit too because this was the biggest moment of their careers. They showed they belonged. She’s very composed on the microphone while Rusev did a great bump to sell a punch over the top rope like that.

While the moment was fun and may or may not lead to a match between Rusev and The Rock in the future, that didn’t stop Lana from continuing a war of words with The People’s Champ on Twitter.

Lana must not be able to live with The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment getting in the last word, because she added this insult as icing on the cake…

And in case you might have missed the segment, here is the clip of the confrontation…

After this segment was filed into the history books, many (including myself) salivated at the prospects of Rock vs. Rusev at Wrestlemania 31. As much fun as that match sounds, it seems like it might not be on the horizon. If Smackdown spoilers prove true (um…spoiler alert) then Rock might be on a path to facing Triple H at next year’s Wrestlemania. Truthfully, I’m not complaining about either matchup. But a Rusev win over The Rock would be an awesome investment into the future of the WWE.

So what do you think? Will Rusev face off against Rock at Wrestlemania or do we have to wait even longer for that match? Or was The Rock’s foiling of the pro-Putin duo a one-time moment? Insert your thoughts into the comments section below and we’ll discuss the situation.

If you’d like to banter with me on Twitter, look me up and follow me @MitchNickelson. Keep checking back here because I’ve been really into podcasting lately and I’ve got a fantastic interview with Amazing Kong that should be posted on Thursday for SBP Wrestling. I talked with her on Tuesday and I can’t stress enough how she came across as just a great person. Thanks again for reading. Take care.



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