Main Event Review For October 7th, 2014

Live on the WWE Network, this is WWE Main Event! Well, this is actually Mitch Nickelson’s review of Main Event, but you get the point. The show comes to us this week from Philadelphia, PA. Michael Cole and Byron Saxton are our announcers, like usual.

An Intercontinental Championship match has been announced ahead of time, pitting champion Dolph Ziggler against challenger Bo Dallas. Dallas has beaten The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry several times recently and, fluke or not, it’s nice to see that beating a former World Champion grants you at least a mid-card title opportunity.

As I watch the show, I’ll summarize all of the happenings while placing my opinion in as I see fit. I’ll wrap everything up at the end with a fancy Final Thoughts section. And be sure to read the plugs at the very end so you can find out how not to miss my interview with Amazing Kong that should be out in the next day or so.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bo Dallas (Intercontinental Championship)

Cesaro is joining our announcers for this match. He gets annoyed with Byron because Byron wanted to give him a fist bump. According to Cesaro, real men shake hands.

The crowd booed Bo pretty strongly as he came out. He had a microphone and told a story of a young Bo-liever who offered him a cheesesteak. He said he threw it in the trash because that thing is a heart attack waiting to happen. Then, according to him, Mark Henry dug that cheesesteak out of the trash and ate it. Funny guy. He reminded us that he’s defeated Henry three times in a row and says he’ll win against Ziggler right now.

Cesaro is pretty awesome on commentary. His defense of why Bo Dallas deserves this title shot is well stated and makes me believe that he’s a legitimate contender rather than someone who got a string of fluke wins.

Dolph built solid momentum later in the match and seemed to get the crowd behind him. He missed a Fameasser attempt and Dallas followed it up with a hip toss he fell with and turned into a slam. It looked like a good move, but wasn’t enough to secure the pinfall that he tried afterward.

Ziggler planted Dallas with that pretty DDT that he does. Bo landed a double-underhook DDT later as well. While on the outside of the ropes, Dolph did a sunset flip over Bo into the ring, but Bo sat on him to begin a pin attempt. He held the ropes right in front of the ref’s face and was able to get to a count of two with it. Bo argued with the ref and Dolph Zig-Zagged him while he was distracted. He went for the pin and successfully retained his Intercontinental Championship.

Winner by pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler held his belt up high and seemed to do a “Just Bring It” hand gesture toward Cesaro. Cesaro is so good on commentary. He put over both competitors well and reminded everyone of his interest in the IC title.

The Adam Rose skit with the Kathie Lee and Hoda is replayed. Thankfully, it was a really short recap. The faceoff with Rusev and The Rock will be replayed later in the show. I wouldn’t mind watching that in its entirety again when they recap it.

Tyson Kidd Asks Kane For A Match

Kane is looking all business-like backstage when Tyson Kidd approaches him. He tells Kane that he’s his own man and that he demands a match tonight. Kane tells him that everyone knows that Natalya wears the pants in the family and the he already has a match tonight. Natalya requested it and it’s against Jack Swagger.  “Tyson, try not to tap out to Swagger…like you do your wife.” Dang Kane, go easy on him.

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella & Cameron & Summer Rae & Layla

Clips of Raw where Brie had to fight Summer Rae with one hand tied behind her back was shown. Now, she’s in a 4 on 1 match. Poor Brie, can she overcome those odds? She shouldn’t, but she seems to anyway much of time.

Cameron seemed to get the most amount of in-ring time between the four Diva teammates. Cameron even got heat from the crowd by mockingly doing the “Yes!” chants. Brie mounted her comeback against her, but eventually the numbers game proved too much for her. The finish came via Backbreaker Rack courtesy of Nikki. She pinned Brie for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Nikki Bella & Cameron & Summer Rae & Layla

The Rusev/Rock showdown from Raw is replayed now. It’s just highlights, which is a shame because this is a clip they could’ve gotten away with showing in its entirety. Good for Rusev and Lana. Whether or not this was intended to lead to a match, WWE would be foolish to not see the dollar signs in it now.

Zeb Colter is seen backstage, giving some tips to Jack Swagger. Swagger is sporting a pretty nice shiner beneath his right eye. His match with Tyson Kidd is up next.

Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya)

Tyson and Natalya are already in the ring; no fancy entrance for them. Tyson has his headphones around his neck while Nattie is looking pretty in a pink dress. Zeb comes out with Jack Swagger and a microphone. Zeb tells Tyson that this isn’t an American thing or a Canadian thing. This is a manhood thing. He tells Tyson that he keeps his manhood in Natalya’s purse. And from what Zeb hears, it’s not even that big of a purse. These Tyson burns are awesome and the crowd responded well to them. Zeb and Jack lead the crowd in a “We the People” chant.

Cole reminds the people that this Thursday is the 15th anniversary of Smackdown as the match begins. The announcers talk plenty of the problems between Tyson and Natalya. Apparently Tyson forgot Nattie’s birthday and tried to make up for it by buying her a treadmill. I usually mention how I don’t watch Total Divas and don’t plan on starting, but that sounds pretty funny.

The match is surprisingly short. Swagger defeated Tyson on Raw, but Tyson got the win tonight by a unique roll-up that he did with his legs after jumping over the top rope.

Winner by pinfall: Tyson Kidd

Natalya went for a high-five after the win, but Tyson just brushed by her like a jerk. Nattie then tried to raise his hand in victory at the top of the ramp, but he wouldn’t let her.

Highlights of the Joan Lunden segment from Raw were shown at this point. The Raw crowd was pretty rowdy Monday night but they did right and gave her a ton of respect.

All of the drama between John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose was replayed now. I personally hope we get Ambrose vs. Rollins in the main event of Hell In A Cell.

Stardust (w/Goldust) vs. Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso)

Stardust came out first before a break. As they’re cutting to the break, Michael Cole says that Stardust will be in action against “one of the Usos.” I guess he gets them confused, too. Back from the break and there’s a pre-taped promo with the Dusts. Stardust says that the Usos are mere brothers in blood, but he and Goldust are brothers of the cosmos. They both said that the key to immortality is made of Gold and Stardust.

The Usos make their way to the ring with much fanfare. A clip is shown of the Dusts getting intentionally disqualified a couple of weeks ago when they faced off against The Usos on Smackdown for the Tag Team Championship. Then, that awesome Triple Superkick with Ziggler from Raw is shown as well. At this point, the bell rings and Jey Uso is announced by Michael Cole as the participant in this match. It shocks me that Cole seriously didn’t know which one was fighting before the match started. Do they not give him notes?

Stardust seemed to be the aggressor early on in the match. He ripped off the shirt of Jey Uso for that nice heel touch. He even squeezed that necklace thing of Jey Uso to choke him a bit. Stardust stomped on his opponent on the ground and at one point sticks his head out of the ropes to growl at his brother.

While charging toward Jey in the corner, the tides get turned as Stardust’s face meets Jey’s lifted boot. This was followed by a top rope Cross-body and a pin, but he only got two. There was a back and forth of strikes before Jey dropped Stardust with a Samoan Drop.

Jey leads the crowd in chanting his last name and charges his back side into the corner where Stardust is seated. Jey climbed the ropes but took a nasty spill to the outside when Stardust shoved him down. Jey favored his knee because of this. Despite the hurt knee, he kicked Stardust in the face on his way back up the ropes. He does a big Splash from the top and rolled Stardust up into a pin for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Jey Uso

All four of these guys are great in the ring, so I’m glad The Usos are still in the hunt for the Tag Titles. The Usos celebrated in the ring as Goldust looked a little irate on the outside. He held up his belt to remind them that they’re still the champs. The show ended at this point.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

While none of the matches were show-stealers by any means, I’d consider this an above average episode of Main Event. There was enough in-ring action with wrestlers that I like, so that works for me. I wouldn’t consider any of the matches or segments to be duds, either.

I really enjoyed having Cesaro at the announce table. He put over both guys well and also himself. The women’s match wasn’t anything special, but I was pleased that they didn’t find some way for Brie to win. Having her win in handicap matches and with one arm tied behind her back was getting a little ridiculous.

The Tyson Kidd/Jack Swagger match was decent enough, but the insults from Kane and Zeb Colter were funny. I don’t watch Total Diva’s and I just catch small amounts of NXT, so this storyline of Tyson being a douche of a husband is a new, entertaining plot for me.

I wish the Stardust/Jey Uso match could’ve gotten more time. I think it only got about 6 minutes, which is way too short for them. This is only an hour show, but they should find more time. Stardust is great as an aggressive villain and I’m always looking forward to a Pay-Per-View match with these duos.

So the show was good for me but did you like it? Comment below and shoot me your thoughts. If you’d like to also banter with me on Twitter, look me up and follow me @MitchNickelson.

Lastly, be sure to check out all the cool stuff I post at I’ve been really into podcasting lately and I’ve got a fantastic interview with Amazing Kong that should be posted on Thursday for SBP Wrestling. I talked with her on Tuesday and I can’t stress enough how she came across as just a great person. Thanks again for reading. Take care.


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